Mar 02

You Can Rename Files Directly in Mountain Lion

People who used to Windows system may be familiar with one of the features of Mac OS X, that is: You can’t rename or operate other files in the dialog box of “Open” or “Save” directly. To our joy, this feature can be realized with the prerelease version of Mountain Lion.

As we can see, there are improved “Save” and “Open” dialog box with the picture as following. Users can rename an existing file in the dialog box directly in stead of turning back to Finder to search it again and again. All you need to do is just double click the file name in the “Open” or “Save” box, then you can start editing, with the picture showing as below:

Meanwhile, users can also rename the application titles in Mountain Lion. However, there is no rename option in Lion Version yet at present, while lock, copy and save at the last time version and browse all version. In the following picture, we can see that the first option is Rename, and there are other options for users to move to iCoud and other locations straightforward.

Although it is only a small change, it makes people wait for such a long time.