Mar 28

10 Best Way to Shutdown or Restart Windows 8

Without the Start button on Windows 8 Consumer Preview, how do you shutdown or restart in Windows 8? This is a question that many Windows 8 users have. Following are top 10  best way to shutdown or restart Windows 8.

1. Use Charms Bar to Shutdown Windows 8

In Windows 8, Microsoft introduced the Charms Bar. In order to show the Charm Bar, you need to put your mouse on the lower-right corner of the toolbar. You can also use Win + C to open the Charms Bar and click the “Settings” to shutdown or restart your Windows 8. More quickly, Win + I will open the Settings directly.

2. Create shutdown & restart shortcuts or tiles

Recommend a freeware: (Handy Shortcuts). You don’t need to install it, only you need to do is to unzip it. You can simply create a shortcut to close or restart your Windows 8. Dragging or pin the shortcut to your taskbar will make it more convenient to shutdown or restart the OS.

3. Using Hotkeys

Another way to shutdown or restart your Windows 8 is to use hotkeys. Just right-click on the shortcuts you’ve created above and then choose a content, input a hotkey that you like to the action. It will work after you’ve set.

4. Use the shutdown dialog box

Forgot Alt + F4? Actually this shortcut is also work in Windows 8. Shutdown, Restart and Sleep can be found here.

5. To shutdown with keyboard

Open the settings interface by pressing Win + I, then click on the Space and hit the Up arrow twice, finally click the Enter to shutdown Windows 8.

6. Shutdown from the system tray

It needs a third party HotShut, which is easy-to-use. After the installation, it will stay in the system tray area, right-click the tray icon, there will pop up a menu. From here, you can shutdown, restart or log off.

7. Define a shutdown button

From the Power Options you can define what the Power button would do when pressing it. For the laptop users, you can set what it should happen when you’ve closed the lid.

8. Using the command prompt

Open the command prompt, to shutdown, please enter: shutdown / s, to restart you need to input shutdown / r, after that, press Enter, these commands will work immediately.

9. Right-click menu to shutdown or restart
You can add a reboot or shutdown command with the Right-Click Extender. Right-Click Extender is a context menu enhancement tool. It helps you to add a lot of useful options for your Windows.

10. The classical hotkey CTRL + ALT + DEL
I believe you must be very familiar with this hotkey. Just press CTRL + ALT + DEL, the interface will appear. Click on the power button to shutdown, restart or sleep.