Mar 14

Is The new iPad Worth to Buy

Once you get the new iPad, everything will be changed at once. It’s just like you are really taking a photo, reading a book, playing the piano, which makes your life and work easier and better. Regardless of the display, camera, or wireless connection, these upgrades have made the new iPad offer you much more than you can imagine. Is the new iPad worth to buy? First let’s see The new iPad VS Kindle Fire, which one is right for you? I believe you will find the new iPad is much better than Kindle Fire!

Since this is a very hot topic that all of us are talking about. We would like to list some new features of the new iPad as below:

1. Unprecedented retina display
The pixels are four times more than iPad 2, the text is razor-sharp, and the color is more colorful and vivid. The Retina display takes you to a comprehensive sublimation experience. As a result, everything becomes perfect and lifelike.

2. 5-megapixel iSight Camera
The new iPad provides Apple’s 5-megapixel iSight Camera which designed by advanced optical technology. Users can take gorgeous photos with high quality and high definition. Whenever you want to take a HD photo, you will never worry about the definition!

3. Support voice typing
The new iPad supports voice typing, no matter you want to send an email or write a message, you can use you voice to complete typing. Thus, the “communication” between the new iPad and users become easier.

4. Apple A5X dual core processor
The A5X chip with quad-core graphics can drive 4 times pixels of iPad 2; meanwhile, it can keep the smoothness and fluency, which is always the reputation of Apple iPad products. Although these new features have been added to the new iPad, its battery time still lasts 10 hours!

5. 1080P HD Video Recording
Want to record every moment of your life? The new iPad allows you to do like this, you can take video recording whenever you want to remember something special, 1080P HD video recording will make your life better. Users can share their happiness with friends and family members freely.

6. Ultrafast 4G LTE network
Adopted with latest wireless, the new iPad makes it possible to connect with fast data network all over the world. As a result, you can do anything on the internet with fast speed without waiting for a long time. The new features of the new iPad is satisfied with thousands of iPad users.

7. Get special apps that you want
There are numerous distinctive apps specially designed for the new iPad, you can choose what you want from them. At present, the quantity of apps is 200,000 and will increase rapidly. Each app is specially disgined according to the features of the new iPad.

Is the new iPad really worth to buy? The answer is absolutely yes! As we all know, Apple’s touch technology and system optimization are much more smoothly than Android. What’s more, the quality of game apps is better than Android. Simply relying on high 2048 x 1536 resolution of the new iPad can win all the tablets in market! In addition, Apple’s products always give users a feeling for a work of art which is the perfect combination of technology and art. We dare to say the new iPad is the most powerful device that we’ve ever seen. Compared with iPad 2, the upgrade is enough. So, in my opinion, even if I’ve got an iPad 2, there is nothing can change my mind to buy the new iPad! Dear Apple fans, are you ready?