Technology Gift Ideas for Children’s Day 2012 – Techie Kids will Love

children dayThe date of Children’s Day is various in different places around the world. Universal Children’s Day is on November 20th according to United Nations recommendation. In United States of America, Children’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in June, while most countries prefer to celebrate it on June 1st. Any way, Children’s Day 2012 is coming!

Except the celebrations, parents also peruse store shelves to choose the perfect present that will delight their little darlings. With the development of modern technology, tech gift becomes the glow of the commodity market. After investigation, we make a list of the five hottest tech gifts for kids in 2012.

No. 1: E-book Readers – iPad/Kindle Fire/Nook

E-book reader is a kind of device enable users to read digital books and periodicals on it. Children can store unlimited electronic books, newspapers and magazines, and read them on the go. The iPad might be the hot tech gift this holiday season. Many parents say that iPad can be used to watch movies, play games, learn languages and etc. Also it provides many software of early education. So it becomes, beyond doubt, the first choice for Children’s Day tech gift. Other famous e-book readers include Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, and Sony e-Reader.
Tips: Learn how to add e-books to iPad here.


No. 2: Mp3 Players – iPod /Zune/LEGO

There are plenty of Mp3 player manufacturers on the market and each offering its unique benefits. Apple iPod holds the palm and Microsoft’s Zune player becomes the competitor. There are some other choices for you: Nextar Peanut, LEGO Mp3 player, Sanza View. In addition to enjoy music, Mp3 players are also the good assistant for listening practice.


No. 3: USB Drives – EMTEC/LEGO

USB drive has a lot of uses, while for teens, the main benefit is to store school papers and projects to keep their files safe. Many USB are designed with novelty shapes that can amuse techie teens. The EMTEC Animal USB flash Drive series features a set of charming rubber animal characters. LEGO brick USB drive comes with a keychain attachment and color coordinated cap for protection.

usb drive

No. 4: Kiddie Camera – LEGO 3MP Digital Camera

Worried about ruining your expensive Canon, Sony or Nikon camera? Give them the toy looks but real functioning 3MP digital camera now. All the fun of LEGO bricks is built in this digital camera and it can hold up to 80 photos at one time. How can children dislike it? You can buy it from with $52.70.


No. 5: Tech Toy – Wappy Dog/ Elmo

Wappy Dog, an interactive dog that can play games, learn tricks with you without any house training. Elmo, another popular toy, can not only sing, but also be able to recognize the instrument placed in his hand and play it like a pro. Nowadays, many of the tech toys are designed with touch screen and keyboards just like adult devices.

wappy dog

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