Top 6 Apps for iPhone 5

best iphone appsAlthough there are lots of bad news about the new iPhone 5, but it still becomes one of the best-seller on the smartphone market. Have you gotten a new iPhone 5? Or are you planning to purchase one in the future? It is no doubt that one of the greatest highlights of iPhone is its various apps. Therefore, in order to have been better using experience, we could like to recommend several the best iPhone 5 applications for all iPhone users’ reference. We are sure that you can enjoy your digital life with these different iPhone 5 apps in a new way.

Best Apps for iPhone 5

We know that the iOS 6 system has given up Google Maps and YouTube app compare to iOS 5 system. Undoubtedly, this is a great pity for all YouTube lovers. But now Google has released a standalone YouTube app for iPhone and it seems to work well at present. With it, you can enjoy all kinds of videos anytime and anywhere, or share videos with your friends easily.

Just click here to see the detailed steps on how to get YouTube apps back to iOS 6.

We can say that Dropbox is a perfect cloud storage solution, especially when your phone has not enough storage space. If you like, this app can automatically upload your photos to the cloud for backup or saving storage. So that you’ll never lose your precious pictures due to forget backup timely. What’s more, Dropbox also provide you with 2GB free storage space and you can get more free space by inviting more friends become a register user.

The Weather Channel
Using this app, you can get real-time local weather information, and you also can know the weather conditions which are outside of your city. From this point, the Weather Channel is an ideal app for people who need to frequently travel from one place to another. In addition, this app also can change its desktop background to reflect the change of the weather.

Many people like to share their photos with friends on their iPhone, but sometimes the process is troublesome. Therefore, Instagram aims to provide users with an elegant way to share pictures anytime and anywhere. With it, you can take photos, add filters and effects with one click. And you can add photos to dynamic message to remind your friends to view them. Furthermore, you can focus on the other person just like other social networks.

Reading eBooks on iPhone 5 could be a new experience in your digital reading life. With the all-new display screen, you can view more words at one time. Meanwhile, this Kindle app enables users to purchase eBooks from Amazon book store and sync it to both Kindle devices and iPhone easily. So that you can read a book in different devices as you like.

Spotify is a streaming media player, that means all songs you have listened will not be stored on your device directly, so that you’ll have more space to store other files like photos, videos, etc. If you want to enjoy music while you are offline, then you can download it.

That’s the top 6 must-have apps for iPhone 5. Do you want to get them to your device? All apps we mentioned here are totally free, so just search and install it on your iPhone 5 from now on.

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