Top 6 Free Word Processors for Mac Recommended to You

mac word processor Barring accidents, you should think of Microsoft Word software to process your Word documents. Indeed, Microsoft Corporation has developed Word processing program for Mac since 1995.The latest version to run on Mac OS X is Microsoft Word 2011. However, as proprietary software, the Microsoft Word ($120-$500, depending on the license you choose) may be too expensive to some users. Then it’s required to round up some free Word processors for Mac and pick up your favorite one for daily use. They are free and equivalent to Microsoft Word processor.

Bean – The free Word processing software for Mac is developed by James Hoover. Featuring high response for instant boot, the tool is best for note-taking and short articles processing. The user interface and functionalities are simple, but it is enough to cover the needs of most casual users. Footnotes, floating graphics and some other features are missing with the software.

NeoOffice – NeoOffice is an open source office suite for Mac OS 10.4 or above released under GPL with a Word processor attached and called Writer. Tons of file formats are supported with NeoOffice Writer, such as .doc, .docx, .rtf, .odt, .txt, and so on. The user interface is designed just like a normal Microsoft Word.

Google Doc – It can be your web-based Word processor to help create and edit documents with cloud storage. 10GB are free for your file processing. Actually, the software is increasingly favored among students and educational institutions due to its enhanced sharing features and accessibility. If you don’t mind writing in the browser, be sure to consider Google Doc among your options as well.

TextEdit – The open source Word processor is a simple-to-use application developed by Apple Inc. and specially designed for Macintosh operating systems. Many advanced typography features are included, such as reading and writing Word documents in Word format, auto spelling correction, data detectors, text transformations and autosaving function. You can insert graphics freely. However, some limitations may bring you inconveniences. The software does not support adjusting and controlling the letter space, or multiple columns of text. Anyway, the free Word processor is so easy. That’s why it is strongly recommended here today.

GNU TeXmacs – The free Word processing program is specially designed for scientific documents with back-ends to supports a number of technologies about programming languages, numeric matrix systems and so on. It runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems for complex Word processing with all kinds of formula, diagram, and other academic elements are supported.

KWord – Released under LGPL license, the free Word processing program for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Unix-like operating systems is able to incorporate text, graphics, and embedded objects and process relatively more complex layouts easily due to the use of a concept called master pages.

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