How to Watch Streaming Movies on Xbox

As a popular video game console at home competing with Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s Wii, Microsoft’s Xbox also is a non PC device belonging to your home theater system. It provides 3-rd party media streaming applications such as Netflix, ESPN, Telus and Sky Go to allow you watch online videos on TV. According to data from online-video ad company Freewheel, Xbox 360 took 28.2 percent of all viewership, beating out iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod/iPod touch) and Android handhelds. The popularity of Xbox 360 makes it a compelling device in nowadays.

To watch streaming movies on Xbox, however, the console does not offer a web browser like its rivals, and so does not support watching YouTube videos. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with Netflix or other streaming options on the Xbox, Also, you can stream movies to Xbox from a PC. Here go different ways to accomplish this. You can set up Windows Media Player or Zune software for streaming movies enjoyments and more. Introduce you the easiest and works the best way to stream contents with Windows Media Player.

1. Open Windows Media Player and go to “Tools > Options”.

step 1 setup windows media player

2. In the Options dialog, please tap “Library” tab.

3. Make sure your Xbox 360 is turned on. Now, click on “Configure Sharing” and then choose “Share my media to” option.


4. Choose “Xbox 360” icon in the list box and then “Allow” button. Now, the Xbox can access media on the PC.

5. Click “Customize” to configure what you want to share with Xbox. You can directly select “Use default settings”.

6. Click “Ok” then again to do this to go back to the original “Options” dialogbox.

7. Click “Monitor Folders” to setup which folders you want to show up on the Xbox 360. Personal folders can be customized as you like.

8. Now, you can done with configuration of Windows Media Player.

9. On the Xbox, click green Xbox button in the center of the controller.

xbox thumb

10. Now go to Media tab and choose Videos or other media as you like.


The Xbox will automatically detect the Windows Media Player share on your PC. Now, you can surf for your favorite movies from the comfort of your couch. Enjoy!

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