What Features will iPad 5 Include

ipad-5In addition to the various news from the vendors and analysts this year, we have not obtained any conclusive evidence about the iPad update yet at present. Because of this pending issue, we can continue to look forward to more hope for the next generation of iPad. What features are you expecting to see with the fifth generation of iPad? Here we just list some possible features of the new iPad 5. Perhaps you can have a look below to see if these are your desired features.

5 Features iPad 5 Might Include

1. The A7 Processor Chip

Apple has been committed to the development of the low energy-consumption but fast-working processor. Last year, Apple suddenly released iPad 4, which equipped with an A6X processor chip. This really breaks in the market by surprise. The A6X chip is two times faster than the previous generations. This made iPad 4 the fastest mobile device at that time. Of course, it is not so simple to design a faster processor. Even there was the news that Apple has signed with TSMC and Intel for the design of the next generation of SOC chip, it is still very difficult to achieve mass production in the near future.

2. More Color Versions

Last year, Apple released the iPod touch 5 with the five optional color versions. All these colorful versions of iPod touch are designed with lightweight aluminum back shell. This also lets us see the hope. Perhaps we will also be able to see more color version of the iPad in the future. As we know, iPad mini equipped with the same back shell as iPod touch, but there are still only two optional color versions, black and white. There was once the news said that Apple planned to release the colorful iPad, but we can only choose between black and white until now. So, if the control of production and cost is feasible, Apple is believed to launch the colorful iPad this year.

3. iPad Continue to Be Lighter

The ones who have once used the iPad mini or any other lightweight and full-size tablet device might have found that the iPad is really a bit really. If the iPad gets a new design with an aluminum shell used, then its weights will be greatly reduced. Before, there was the supplier exposed the aluminum iPad shell. So, it is likely that the fifth-generation of iPad is to become lighter.

4. Stereo Speakers

The sound quality of iPad is not so good as other aspects. This rightly brings a huge market for the third-party speaker developers. At present, iPad mini has stereo speakers. Since it has been set such a precedent, then it would become feasible sooner or later to add stereo speakers to the iPad. The biggest problem of using the stereo speakers on the iPad should still be the space problem. But now iPad has been using the Lightening interface. Then, there will be more space within the tablet. So, the next generation of iPad is likely to use the stereo speakers.

5. Brand New Design

From the previous news and the pictures leaked by suppliers,, Apple might redesign the iPad. Since iPad mini looks more like iPhone 5, the iPad 5 is likely to use the same design. That’s to say, the back shell of iPad 5 will be more flat. And the new generation of iPad may also make use of the thinner and lighter G/F2 (DITO) touch screen.

Well, these are all of the five possible features of the next generation of iPad. Are these features the ones you are also looking forward to?

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