What Shall We Expect on Apple Special Media Event Oct. 23

Last Tuesday, Apple sent invitations to a special media even scheduled for October 23, 2012. at the California Theater in San Jose. It is not the first time for Apple have a conference at this theater. On 2005, the company released a new product called new iPod, so called Video iPod.

Just as previous invitation, Apple left a word also a slogan on the invitation. Usually, the word will lead to various speculations and Apple fans cling to predict what apple will show us through it as well. Such as the conference invitation for iPhone 5 which was left a big 5 under the released date. What happened later? Apple released iPhone 5 according to our expectations. So does this event invitation. What shall we expect on this Apple special media event Oct. 23? We may find some clues from the invitation as well.

At this invitation, Apple promises that “We’ve got a little more to show you.” Media and analysts have said for months that Apple will unveil an smaller iPad, so-called iPad mini, to us. Many sites and blogs have posted various leaked images to demonstrate that the iPad mini is exactly in the works. Furthermore, the word “little” of the invitation may indicate that Apple will release a smaller product: the 21-inch iMac, 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro and the iPad mini. Also, the “mini” of Mac mini has the similar means with little. If things happen as we have predicted, all products above will come to see us at this special media event on Oct. 23.

This is not This is not the first time Apple has held a media event in October, only a month after holding its annual fall music (and now iPhone) event in September. The company has held a second fall event several times in the past, such as Apple introduced new notebooks in 2008.

Then what do five colors above Apple logo of invitation mean? Does it mean iPad mini will be on sales with five different colors? Besides iMac, rMBP, iPad mini and Mac mini, Apple will bring us a brand new surprise? Or maybe it does not indicate anything. All facts will come out  on October 23, 2012. Stay tuned for additional details as they become available as well as up to the minute coverage of the event next week.

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