Window 8 VS Mountain Lion OS X: Which One Is Better for You?

Microsoft has released Windows 8 operating system for a few while and many people have experienced this latest Windows system. Its amazing  innovative “tiles” approach brings users brand new experience. Windows 8 system is considered as a rebirth of the entire Microsoft and they have put their blood in order to develop this new OS. And now it does attract great attentions all around the world. It will change the traditional user behavior and habits, creating better experience.

Well, people cannot help comparing Window 8 with Mountain Lion OS  X. Being a up-rising star, Apple’s Mactonish system brings us too much surprises. Its newest version Mountain Lion OS X packs with tons of amazing functions. OK, let’s view these two magnates together.


Technologists make tests between these two system on performance. This test is done on an Apple MacBook Pro since Mountaion Lion can be installed on anything but Apple hardware. The result is as follows. Through the result, we can see that Windows 8 starts up significantly faster on a MacBook Pro than OS X Mountain Lion does.

Mobile-inspired interfaces

UI of Windows 8, more influenced by Windows Phone, is large, touchable “live tiles” give quick access to and display info from your apps. Swiping gestures actually make a better job of letting you do everything using your thumbs. While Mountain Lion OS X comes with App Store and Launchpad which duplicates iOS’s app icons, even letting you group them just as you would on an iPhone. And the Notification Center, acting just like the mobile OS’s notifications.

Cloud services

With Mountain Lion, iCloud becomes more important for Apple’s desktop operating system. All your mail settings, contacts, Safari bookmarks, messages, iTunes backups and other features will be synced via iCloud as long as you sign into your Apple account on a Mountain Lion Mac. Microsoft’s SkyDrive service, which likes Apple iCloud, can sync all your devices’ settings. Moreover, the service can serve as simple online storage, and actually works with Macs and iOS devices as well as Windows, Android, and Windows Phone.

App stores

The success of Apple has largely depends on the Online App Store where contains numerous  applications and media files. The store owner can control which apps are offered, and more importantly, collect a premium from the software maker. Microsoft finally got hip to the app store concept and decided to build it into the upcoming hybrid tablet/desktop OS.  In many respects, the Windows Store works nearly identically to Apple’s.

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