Windows 8 Review: Microsoft’s Way to Rejuvenate

Microsoft has finally unveiled its game-changing operating system, Windows 8. Many people view it is a rebirth, a way of rejuvenation for enter Microsoft brand. Its innovative “tiles” approach brings users brand new experience and it is considered as a huge leap forward. How does Windows 8 play for us? Does it has important implications for Microsoft? This page will make a Windows 8 review. Please come with us to explore this new Windows operating system together.

Start – Cloud Service

As soon as you open your Window 8 computer, the most striking changes of this new operating system will come into your eyes. The boot process is so fast that your painful histories  of staring at the an ugly splash screen and waiting for enter Windows desktop have past forever.

There are many optional ways for you to get this new system. Typically, many machines from stores and online outlets will be installed this new system. For people who has previous Windows system such as XP, Vista and 7, you can upgrade to Windows 8 for $39.99. When installing this new system, you will be reminded to sign in a Windows account. Online account is highly recommended for you can sync settings across whatever Windows 8 PCs you use. Through it, you can easily access to SkyDrive, Xbox Music, and the Windows Store.

Windows 8 UI, Charms and Navigation – Take Sometime to Get Used to

You must feel surprised to the Microsoft’s Windows 8 user interface when you open your Windows 8 PC for the first time. There is no start key, no desktop except rows of colorful and constantly changing magnetic tiles. Of course, you can customize backgrounds and colors of them according to your needs. When you sign in social accounts such as Facebook, all these stickers will becomes relevant contents of your Facebook. Seems that the whole desktop is designed for yourself only.

Sense the navigation of the new UI is probably the most controversial aspect. It may take you a while to get used to the navigation. On your touchscreen device of Windows 8, Charm menu offers you five icons for most tasks: Search, Share, Start, Devices and Settings. For beginner, it is a little complicated to get accustomed to Search charm, a new touch- and mouse-based Switcher and Settings.

Windows 8-style apps and the Windows Store

A big new change in system leads to a new breed of apps. There are various Windows 8 style applications available in Windows Store. But these apps may not compatible with previous Windows. Since these apps are ready for both touchscreen device and PC, developers have to create new apps which can work across a variety of displays and and input types, such as iStonsoft PDF Converter and  EPUB Converter Software.

Windows App Store represents the acknowledgement of Apple’s success with a curated application store approach. User can submit free or paid apps and earn 70 percent of the revenue from sales, a figure that jumps to 80 percent after a paid app makes $25,000. But Windows App Store is still on the way of development. If it wants to be a competitor of Apple iTunes App Store, Microsoft still has a long way to go.

Desktop – It’s Another App

You can find Desktop tile on your Windows 8 interface as well. When you launch it, your Windows 7 come back again and the desktop mode will feel a lot more familiar. Microsoft has made serious chances in the desktop. But there are a variety of ways to trigger this traditional functionality with the hot corners of Windows 8, or by using a gesture-enabled mouse or trackpad.

Sum Up

This is the biggest change to the Windows OS since the launch of Windows 95. We’ve already spent a lot of time using Windows 8. Microsoft want to use this new system to change the traditional user behavior and habits, creating better experience. Whether Microsoft will be successful, Only time will tell.


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