Windows 8 Tips, Tricks and Secrets

You must have read many Windows 8 related reviews before upgrading your computer to the latest Windows operating system. To be honest, Windows 8 contains new features which give us the the opportunity to use Windows in different ways. Its amazing innovative “tiles” approach brings users brand new experience and it is considered as a huge leap forward. After you download this newest operating system to your computer, you will also find that it is not easy to get hang of the system compared with previous ones. But as long as you get used to it, your will appreciate it a lot. In order to help you master the system, this page is going to introduce you several Windows tips, tricks and secrets. We hope they are helpful in your Windows 8 journey.


1. Take a Screenshot in Windows 8

We know that Windows 7 packs with a built-in application for screenshot. So does Windows 8 and it simplifies the process. As soon as we press “Windows + Print Screen”, a picture of PNG format will be taken and kept in your Picture Folder.

2. Excellent Search Function

Windows 8 increase the search features based on Windows 7. You are allowed to filter the search by defining apps, settings, or files. What’s more, it ability to access Bing and other built-in services will satisfy you a lot. For example, if you are enter a restaurant, you can find it on the map or visit its website from the quick search menu.

3. Sync All Your Settings

One of the distinctive features of Windows 8 is that it enables you to synchronize your settings with other PCs and devices. So if you have a Windows Phone, you are allowed to sync all your contacts, email details and other personal data to Windows 8 PC through the same Live account. But in case that several people use the device to sync mobile phone but you don’t want sync your website password to other’s, you’d better disable others to share your personal information. To do so, you need to hold down the Windows key and press I, then click Change PC Settings > Sync Your Settings and disable disable anything you’d rather not share.

4. Use A Picture Password to Log into Your Computer

Windows 8 is specialized in Picture Password which means you can authenticate with the computer using a series of gestures that include circles, straight lines, and taps. To enable the features, you just need to open Settings > More PC Settings in Windows Charms. In the PC settings window, click Users > Create a picture password. Now you can create a unique picture password for your Windows 8

5. Run Two Apps Side by Side

Windows 8 enables you to view two application at the same time. It means that you can pin an app, and then open or load another program at the same time. Both of these two applications are available on the screen. Swipe from the left and the last app you were using will turn into a thumbnail; drop this and one app displays in a sidebar pane while your current app takes the rest of the screen.

6. Shut Down Computer with One Click

The Power button of Windows 8 has been hidden in the Settings menu. Thus to close the computer, you need to a multi-step process just to shut down one’s PC. But thanks to the shortcut trick, you are allowed to pin a shortcut icon to the bottom of your desktop. Right-click your mouse > New > Shortcut to generate a shortcut icon on the desktop. Then enter “shutdown /s /t 0″ (with no quotes, and, yes, that a zero not an “O”) as the location of the item. Then rename the button and then press Finish.

7. Forget Login Password

IT is not end of the world if you forget your Administrator password for Windows 8. You may bypass the login password with ease using Windows Manager to recover Windows 8 administrator password.

8. Hotkeys We Must Know

Things become simpler if we know the hotkeys on Windows 8. Here we list several hottest hotkeys in Windows 8.

Windows key: Switch between Modern Desktop Start screen and the last accessed application
Windows key + E: Open Computer
Windows key + D: Show/Hide Desktop (minimize/restore all windows)
Windows key + Tab: Access the Modern Desktop Taskbar
Windows key + Q: Access the Apps Search screen
Windows key + W: Access the Settings Search screen
Windows key + F: Access the Files Search screen
Windows key + Pause/Break: Open the System page
Windows key + ,: Peek at Desktop
Windows key + X: Access the Windows Tools Menu
Windows key + I: Access the Settings charm
Windows key + R: Open the Run dialog box
Ctrl + Tab: Switch between Start Page and Applications (Works on Start Page/App Page)
Windows key + Print: It will allow you have screenshot of your Screen and saves it in a Screenshots folder present in your Pictures folder in Windows Explorer.
Windows key + M: It minimizes everything that’s showing on the desktop.

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