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Patron-only Specials

In order to express our sincere gratitude for the support of our customers, we make Patron-only Specials for all patrons of iStonsoft. All patrons of iStonsoft can enjoy 50% discounts of any products from iStonsoft.

What Is A Patron of iStonsoft?

A patrons of iStonsoft is an exclusive member who have purchased products from iStonsoft. Here you need to pay attention that all programs of can be divided into two parts: the first one is the software created by iStonsoft and the other part is the agent software which is consigned for sale at The key to tell these two kinds of software is the brand. Only programs branded iStonsoft are the products produced by us, such as iStonsoft PDF Creator, iStonsoft iPad/iPhone/iPod to Mac Transfer, iStonsoft Epub Converter, and etc. Only people who have purchased iStonsoft products(excluding freeware) are considered as Patrons of iStonsoft and are able to enjoy the 50% discounts offered by iStonsoft.

Perks of Patronage

All Patrons has the ability to enjoy 50% discounts when you are purchasing any iStonsoft product. Once for all. No time limit. No limit on products.

How to Enjoy Patrons-only Discounts from iStonsoft?

If you are a patron of iStonsoft, please send a letter to iStonsoft with the email box which you used to purchased the iStonsoft product last time. The email box should be the same one you used to purchase iStonsoft software. In the letter, you need to tell us what software you want to get. Then you will get a discount coupon code, with which you are allowed to get the iStonsoft product you most wanted at 50% off price.

All letters should be sent to (replace # with @).