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iStonsoft PhoneCleaner for iOS (Mac)

iStonsoft PhoneCleaner for iOS (Mac)

Scan & Clean Your iDevice with 1 Simple Click

Clearing all unnecessary junk files on your iDevice can greatly improve the running speed of your device, so it is necessary for you to find an cleaner program for iOS as daily assistant software. That’s why iStonsoft PhoneCleaner for iOS (Mac) comes here.

  • All-around and risk-free cleaning solution to all iDevice users;
  • Boost up iPhone running speed and the whole performance with 1 click;
  • Works well with all iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Supported OS:

"Even though the function of this app is really simple, but it have helped me save at least 5GB space on my iPhone 6 Plus. I never know so many junk files have occupied my storage space. Thanks guys!"

- Reviewed by Dimond


"So far there is nothing like PhoneClean for iOS that can give me a fast and simple iPhone cleanup solution! It works well on my iPhone and Mac." - Linda

"I have downloaded and tried your app and the quick clean mode is useful on my iPhone 6s. However, I hope you can upgrade the Deep Clean soon, because I wish to clean more data on my phone in a secure way." - Richard

Why Need It?
Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch may runs slowly and slowly in the daily life due to lots of reasons, such as junk files, unused background process and so on. Since these files always be saved, occupied your storage space, and you can’t view them with your eyes, so you need a professional tool to help you find them out and clean them at one time. Therefore, iStonsoft PhoneCleaner for iOS (Mac) is strongly recommended here to satisfy your demands.

All-around Cleaning Solutions to iOS Users

Your iDevice, especially iPhone, need a deeply cleaning now after a long-time using! You may not know that your iPhone is occupied with all kinds of unnecessary files and processes, such as temp files, app crash files, cookies, and so on, which makes your iPhone’s running speed become more and more slowly, so just use this best iOS Cleaner for Mac program to perform a deeply scanning & cleaning process on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Deeply & quickly scan all useless files like caches, cookies, crash files, junk files, etc. on your device and display them in the program in the form of categories.

Remove or clean the scanned files from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch at one simple click.

Free up Storage Space & Speed up Your Device

You may know that the more free space on your device, the faster it will run, right? So don’t let’s any junk files to occupy your storage space and slow down the whole performance of iPhone. With this program, you can:

One-click to scan all corners of your iPhone and clear all types of junk files. So that you can instantly release more free space on your device.

After clearing your iPhone data on Mac OS X, you can find that your iPhone runs faster just like a new one.

Provide Comprehensive Personal Data Protection

Too much cookies and scripts on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will leave a great opportunity to others to know what you have done on the device. It is really dangerous to put your personal data into high risk of leaking out. But now, you an never worry about this issue because iStonsoft PhoneCleaner for iOS (Mac) will help you protect your privacy and personal information, avoid leaking your data when you connect your iDevice to other devices.

In addition to the high security, this program also provide users with a versatile toolbox that full of magic and surprises. With it, you can manage and control your iDevice in a new level.

Other Features

Allow users to view the detailed scanning process, and you can stop or end the scanning at any time according to your own needs.

Preview the scanning results before removing them out.

Fully compatible with all kinds of iOS devices, including iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s/6, iPhone 5s/5, the new iPad, iPad Air, iPod touch, etc.


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