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iStonsoft PhoneCleaner for iOS

iStonsoft PhoneCleaner for iOS

Clean Your iPhone, iPad and Protect Your Personal Info

Your iDevice will always saved lots of junk files that occupy a large amount of storage space on your device. So iStonsoft PhoneClean for iOS comes here to help you remove unnecessary files from iPhone, iPad freely and quickly.

  • Clean and optimize your iDevice completely yet quickly;
  • Protect your personal privacy info from prying eyes;
  • Boost and speed up the iPhone’s whole performance with 1 click.

Supported OS:

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Why Choose It?
iStonsoft PhoneClean for iOS is not the 1st data cleaning software for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, but it could be one of the best one all over the world. With it, you can easily delete or remove any types of junk files from iDevices for speeding up the running speed of your device. And it also provide users with lots of advanced tunning tools for facilitating your daily life, so that you can enjoy the digital life with your iPhone or iPad arbitrarily.

All-around yet Risk-free Cleaning and Optimization Solution for iOS

It is no doubt that all iPhone or iPad users are used to save lots of privacy info in their portable devices. So when you find that there are too much junk files should be removed, you may wish to remove them quickly. But now the problem is that you’re afraid of losing or leaking out your privacy info due to using a tool from the Internet. Now, iStonsoft PhoneClean for iOS can help you solve the problem. It is developed by a famous app developer, and all your data will be protected well here.

Provide quick and deep clean modes to all users, so that users can clean all types of junk files from iPhone or iPad according to different needs.

Not only junk files, other data like contacts, messages, etc. also can be found and wiped with zero opportunity for leaking out.

After removing the junk files, the running speed of your device will be greatly improved.

Secure Your Privacy Data than Others Can Do

More and more people claims that their privacy data have been leaked out due to unknown reasons. We know that people care about privacy, so does you. Thus, the new PhoneCleaner for iOS comes here to turn your iDevice into a risk-free portable device, so that you can never worry about your personal information be leaked out during the using process.

For some unnecessary personal info, you also can use the tools like contacts cleaner, message cleaner, etc. to erase these data from your iDevice permanently under the Toolbox section. In this way, the deleted data will never be restored by any kinds of recovery software.

Make Your Old iPhone Run Like New

You may have found that your iPhone may runs slowly and slowly during the using process, so you wish to find a tool to help you optimize the device and make it run like new, right? That’s why PhoneCleaner for iOS comes in. With it, you can:

Delete at least 30+ types of junks files on your iPhone, iPad or iPod devices to speed up your device, and keeps your apps fit so as to make your iPhone iPad always run fast.

Flexible Toolbox Surprise Your Digital Life

In addition to all kinds of junk files, your may also have a bunch of duplicated contacts, notes, calendar reminders, etc. need to be deleted one by one one your device, right? Don’t worry, an all-new Toolbox feature comes into the PhoneCleaner for iOS, which provide users lots of personalized features to wipe these specific data on your iPhone or iPad.

Advanced management tool for iOS users to freely using the device.

100% compatible with all kinds of iDevices, including the latest iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S/5, the new iPad, iPad Air, etc..

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