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iStonsoft PhoneEraser for iOS (Mac)

iStonsoft PhoneEraser for iOS (Mac)

1-click to Erase Your iDevice Data Permanently!

No matter you’re planning resell or donate your old iPhone, you’d better to ensure all your personal privacy have been wiped from the device with zero opportunity of restoring, right? That’s why iStonsoft PhoneEraser for iOS (Mac) comes here.

  • Remove deleted or undeleted files from your iDevice permanently;
  • Protect your personal information with different security levels;
  • Be compatible with all iOS devices, including all models of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Supported OS:

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Why Need It?
We all know that digital products are all upgraded frequently nowadays, so does Apple’s iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Thus, when you get a new iPhone, how would you deal with your old iPhone? Reselling, recycling or donating? Actually, no matter what is your final decision, you need to ensure all your personal info have been erased on the device before reselling, recycling or donating. However, you may not know that a simple deletion or formatting operatin cannot clear your data permanently, so you need a professional tool like iStonsoft PhoneEraser for iOS (Mac) to help you reach the goal. With it, you can simply and completely wipe everything on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on Mac OS X.

1-click to Erase Your iDevice Permanently

With the best iOS Eraser for Mac program, you can easily & permanently remove any unwanted files from your iDevice. And if you’re selling, trading or recycling the device, iStonsoft PhoneEraser for iOS (Mac) can make your phone safe before passing to any others that you may don’t know.

Erase all your deleted files on the device with one simple click.

“Delete All Data” function allows you to wipe everything from the device completely.

Pretect Your Personal Information Completely

With the popularity of smart phones and tablets, people find that their personal info faces a high risk of leaking out due to lots of reasons, so in order to protect your personal privacy, iStonsoft introduces the new-released PhoneEraser for iOS (Mac) for your reference. With it, you can:

Timely remove all your unnecessary personal info like email account&password, photos, text messages, contacts, etc. from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with zero opportunity of restoring.

Provide users with 3 different security levels: High, Medium and Low. You can select the right level to erase according to your own needs.

Support Various Types of Files

It is no doubt that your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch have saved lots of files in different formats. So as the best iPhone Data Eraser program, this program allows users to remove or clean various types of files from your iDevice.

Erase data like contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, pictures, searching history, account & password, etc. on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch completely.

After removing these data from your device, the running speed of the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will be greatly improved.

Other Features

Compatible with all generations of iDevices, including the latest iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6/5S/5/4S/4, iPad Air, the new iPad, iPod touch, etc.

Standalone program, no requirement of technical skills for both beginners and experts.

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