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Install Android Apps on Kindle Fire

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Download/Install Android Apps on Kindle Fire


install apps on kindle fireAre you proud owner of your a Amazon Kindle Fire? Now more and more people have Kindle Fire at the hand, for it gives all of you the features you want at a price point that's less than half of the iPad 2. YEAH, you love the Kindle Fire you have, but you also have a lot of confusion, such as how to download and install Android apps on Kindle Fire, how to delete an app off the Kindle Fire.

Don't worry, you are not the only one person confused with installing & deleting apps on Kindle Fire. Here this tutorial shows you how to install Android apps on Amazon Kindle Fire and how to delete apps from Kindle Fire step-by-step.

Part 1. How to Install Android Apps on Kindle Fire

Check the four easy steps below for downloading and installing any Android application onto your new Kindle Fire.

Step 1. Go to the settings of your Kindle Fire, click "More...", select "Device", where it says "Allow Installation of Application" change your Kindle Fire settings from "Off" to "On".

Step 2. Using the Silk Web Browser on your Kindle Fire, search for Search for any Android Application that you would like to have on your Fire. Make sure you add ".apk" to your search to find the appropriate Android application.

Step 3. Download the application to your Kindle Fire, when finished, simply click on the file in the pulldown bar.

Step 4. Install the new application.

Done! That's the easy steps of how to download and install Android apps on Amazon Kindle Fire. So easy? Now you can enjoy the isntalled apps on your Kindle Fire as you wish.

Part 2. How to Delete Apps from Kindle Fire

YEAH, you have downloaded and installed a lot of apps on your Kindle Fire for enjoyment. Then how do you exactly delete an app off of a Kindle Fire when you no longer need it? It is also very simple.

Step 1. Select Apps from the Home screen, then tap Device.

Step 2. Tap and hold the app you wish to remove until a menu appears above the icon, then select Remove from Device.

Step 3. Select OK to confirm app removal and the app is gone.

And you can also go to the Application center to select the app you wish to uninstall from your Kindle Fire.

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