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iStonsft PDF Creator for Mac

iStonsft PDF Creator for Mac

All-functional PDF maker to help creating your PDF files on Mac!

iStonsoft PDF Creator for Mac is professionally for creating PDF discretionarily from any text and image files with easy-to-use operations and stunning fast speed. If you are looking for robust software to create PDF with relaxation, the tool could be nice for you.

  • Convert text, Word, image, and MOBI to PDF files immediately.
  • Batch or partial conversion is supported on your demands.
  • File size, status are indicated by the Mac program friendly.

Supported OS:

"iStonsoft PDF Creator for Mac really does a good job in creating PDF. I know there are some famous ones, but this one is enough for me to take control of my documents with a very low price."

- Reviewed by Anita

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"Tried the latest version, finding it comes with the feature for creating PDF from MOBI. Great :) It is really a cost-effective app. I’ll recommend it to my classmates." - Michael

"It makes creating PDF so easy for me! What I need to do is importing my documents from local to the program and then the software will do the rest for me. I like it!" - Mars

Why Choose It?

It is quite necessary to know how to create PDF files in our daily study and work since PDF is the most ideal format for documents distribution. However, it is not simple to find a suitable PDF creation program from multifarious choices on the Internet. To save your time and energy in looking for a professional PDF creator, you can rely on iStonsoft PDF Creator for Mac, which is one of the best PDF creators to let you make PDF from various file types.

 create pdf on mac

Powerful PDF Creation Ability on Mac

* Create PDF from text files: Create Adobe PDF files from plain text (.txt) files, Microsoft Word Docx documents and MOBI eBooks on Mac OS X with layout reproduced just as they were in the original files.

* Create PDF from image files: You can also convert images in JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, etc. formats to PDF files on Mac. It can perfectly maintain original images without any quality losing.

* Create PDF from more other filesBesides Text and Image formats, this program also supports users to create PDF files from Word, and MOBI format perfectly.

Design to Highly Improve Working Efficiency

* Performs batch conversion, you can import multiple Word, Text and MOBI files or images onto the program at once to facilitate batch mode processing. Just one click to start the conversion, then, you can leave and make a cup of tea for drinking.

* Supports to add files and folders by dragging and dropping. If the files you want to convert to PDF are all at hand, you can use this operation to upload them directly, saving you much of the time.

 pdf creator for mac
 mac pdf creation

Merge, Encrypt and Customize PDF

* PDF Creator for Mac provides you with powerful page setup function that you can customize page and margin size, PDF master password, PDF author information and so on.

* Since the Mac app allows you to add PDF password to the created PDF, you can well protect your own-made PDF information from opening or viewing by other people.

* Ability of merging multiple images into one single multi-page PDF without losing original style.

High Performance in PDF Creation on Mac

* You can convert Word/Text/Image/MOBI to PDF format successfully with easy-to-use operations and stunning fast speed. The software is easy enough to use without reading a manual. Just drag and drop target files to create 100% Adobe-compatible PDF files in a few mouse clicks. No computer skills required. In this way, you can highly improve your working efficiency on conversion.

* One-click to create PDF and perfectly maintain original Word, images, MOBI and text with little quality losing after the conversion on Mac.

* Standalone program. Be able to effectively perform PDF creation without any third party application assistance.

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