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iStonsoft Android File Manager for Mac

iStonsoft Android File Manager for Mac

iTunes for Android Users to Manage SMS/Media/Apps on Mac.

Mac Android Manager performs like the iTunes for Android users to manage Android SMS messages, contacts, media files, apps, etc. in one place on Mac machine. With it, managing Android data has never been easier.

  • Help Android fans backup and restore phone data on Mac with one-click.
  • Easily and instantly push music, photo and video to your phone.
  • Send & reply text messages directly on your Mac without any limitation.

Supported OS:

"The release of this software is really a good news for Android users who use Mac computer. Now managing my mobile files becomes so convenient! And i can get the files on Mac to my phone fast and easily!"

- Reviewed by Hollis

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"Besides its file management functions, i often use its text message function to send and reply SMS messages directly on my Mac. In this way, when i am using Mac, i don't need to take my phone to process them. Thanks!" - Dianna

"It not only allows me to back up and restore my phone data, but also helps me to manage all the files and apps on my phone. Now it is a popular software among my workmates! Thanks!" - Alec

Why Choose It?
Mac Android Manager is an ideal Android managing tool that provides Mac users with a simple and smart way to manage Android data like contacts, videos, photos, apps, etc. on Mac computer. This program can instantly recognize and remember more than 970 Android devices as soon as you plug in. It is also good at backing up your Android data and recovering lost stuff with a click. Now, let's see its detailed features one by one.

Backup Android data on Mac with one click

Want to backup your data from your phone to computer so that you can free up space for more media? Backup the whole contents from your Android phones or tablets to Mac hard disk can greatly reduce the possibility of losing data on your device by accident. And it is not only a simple way to release more space, but also a good way to share your photos, or other files with others on the desktop computer. That's why this Android File Manager for Mac comes here.

* Simply press "Backup" button in the main interface, you can backup everything, including contacts, SMS, apps, books, photos, media file and more on Android phones, tablet PCs, etc. to your Mac effortlessly.

* Export Android contacts to computer in different formats as you like: Json, HTML and VCF.

* Trapped by accidental deletion of your important contacts on phone? With Mac Android Manager, you can easily recover lost contacts by hitting on the “Restore” button and restore the backup files to your devices. At present, the program allows you to import contacts in Json format.

Quick install/uninstall, move and export apps with ease

Do you like to download and install various apps onto your Android devices? There are multifarious apps for daily and game, which bring great convenience and entertainment for people’s life. If you are looking for an easy way to download apps and import/export apps between Mac and Android devices, this powerful Android Manager for Mac software can be helpful. With it, you can freely install or uninstall apps on your devices and export apps to Mac for backup with a simply click.

* Add and install the apps on your Android devices by loading the APK from your local computer.

* Delete any unnecessary apps from your phone or tablets through your Mac computer very well.


Enjoy Music, Photos and Videos in a fantastic way

Undoubtedly, it is greatly enjoyable for playing music or movies while you are boring. Mac Android Manager helps you load music, photos and video to your devices for enjoyment easily.

* Load all your favorite music, photos, or even movies to yoru device with one simple click, so that you can enjoy them while you're on the go!

* Support to transfer or export songs from Android to Mac disk selectively or in a batch.

Send & reply text messages directly on your Mac

* Mass text messages are widely used for some special days like birthday party invitation, festival greetings and other situations. Instead of sending text messages to all your friends one by one using your phone, Mac Android Manager allows you to text all of them at one time through your Mac.

* As mentioned above, the software enables you to backup all your Android data to Mac to make extra room. Therefore, if you have any vital and important messages, you can save them as HTML or TXT file on your Mac by using Mac Android Manager.


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