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iStonsoft Free Video Converter

iStonsoft Free Video Converter

Splendid Conversion Features for Turning Video to Any Format

Are you still trapped by compatibility issue when watching movies on portable device? Feel annoyed because incompatible videos spoil your movie night? iStonsoft Free Video Converter come to help you.

  • Turn video to/from any format virtually like AVI to MP4, MP4 to FLV, etc.
  • Play and share your favorite videos with portable players freely.
  • Totally free. Need no fees to complete all conversion jobs.

Supported OS:

"Terrific! Thanks to your excellent software, I don't need to worry how it possible to make movie playable on my iPhone regardless of format issue. I can enjoy all my favorite movies on the go now."

- Reviewed by Tiffany


"It annoys me when my Samsung Galaxy refuses to play my favorite movies. With this excellent, I don't need to trouble this problem from now on. I'll keep my eyes on your website." - Ansaneary

"I thought it looked great so I got one. Facts prove that my intuition was validated. LOL... This app is pretty good that I can use it to convert any movie for my Kindle." - Tommy

Why Choose It?

Many movie lovers have encountered the embarrassing case that fantastic movie got with great difficulty cannot be played on frequently used multimedia player or device. In this case, iStonsoft Free Video Converter is your right helper. It is able to convert any movie from and to almost all popular formats with no problem. You can use it to rip movies to any device and player for enjoyment without pay any money.

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Forceful Video Conversion Capability

This mighty video converting software take the ability to convert video file to common standard definition videos(MP4, AVI(XviD), ASF, WMV FLV, 3GP, ASF, MOV, etc) as well as high definition videos( HD MKV (H.264, MPEG-2), HD WMV (VC-1), MTS (AVCHD, H.264), M2TS, etc).

After conversion, you are allowed to play all your favorite media files on diverse media players or devices like iPhone, iPad, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy note, Nokia Lumina 620, Surface, Kindle Fire HD, etc. It is easily for you to share movies with other friends from now on.

Hi-fi Multimedia Files after Conversion

No sound or image quality will be damaged during conversion. This software will cause zero loss for both original and converted movie. On the contrary, it will fix distortion of your original video so you can get stunning movie with better quality once you have used this excellent movie for conversion.

This software supports input and output HD movies. You may either use it to convert HD movies to normal ones if your device or player cannot read high definition movies or ask help from it to upgrade your normal videos to high definition ones. It will satisfy you a lot.

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Simplify Conversion to A Few Clicks

 In order to help novice who have no experience in video conversion to understand the process, this engineers simplify the complicated task into 3 steps: Load Video - Set Parameters - Start Conversion.

On the first main screen of this software, prompts of how to operate this software are displayed which aims to help you understand this software and know how to use it quicker and easier.

This software customizes tons video/audio formats and devices of different brands for you. You don't need to make clear what format is playable on your device or player. You just need to go to "Profile" to choose your device as output for simple.

User-oriented Software

  Freely mange video queue by tagging "Remove" and "Up/Down" so as to device which video to convert preferentially.

 Support batch conversion, to convert more than one file at one time, which saves your precious time.

 Multithreading process and batch conversion provide super fast video conversion speed.

  Has a very simple interface and keeps the confusing choices to a minimum.

  Support drag-and-drop functionality

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