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How to Create Photo Collage for Myspace

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How to Make a Photo Collage for MySpace?


A photo collage is a single image created by combining multiple photographs. Collage is a beautiful representation of your photographs in a single place. In this post we would discover some techniques on how to make a photo collage for MySpace using your own pictures or your friends' pictures.

Method-1: Photo Collage Maker for MySpace Software

Photo Collage Maker is specially developed to make beautiful photo collages complete with resources such as layouts, templates, photo frames, special mask effects. To make a photo collage for Myspace, you can follow the steps as below to create photo collage for Myspace, then upload the created photo collage to Myspace.

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Note: For Mac users, please download this Photo Collage Maker for Mac to create photo collage on Mac.

Step1. Add photos to Project

In the Photo Pane on the left, find the folder where the photos you want to add are located, and the photos will be shown in thumbnails list below. You can just drag each photo in thumbnails list to your collage or double click it. And you can adjust Photo Size, Position and Rotation freely.

drag photos to make a photo collage for myspace

Step2. Apply background patterns to collage

Open Background Pane .You can see the list of background patterns in the left part of Picture Collage Maker window. In the Background Thumbnails Pane , Double click a background to apply it to the current collage.

add background to make a photo collage for myspace

Step3. Adding and Editing Text

On the Collage menu, click Add Text to add text your collage.
Font: Click More Font Setting.. to set the text font type, font size, and choose to apply bold, italic and underline to your text.
Color: Click Font Color to set text color.

Step4. Save Project as JPEG file

On File menu, click Save Collage As Picture and specify a folder on hard disc to save current collage project as an image file.

Step5. Upload

Next you can upload your creative masterpiece to your MySpace and share your MySpace collage with others.

Method-2: Using MySpace's own programming

MySpace photo collage generator allows you to create a collage using photos uploaded to your MySpace profile. You can choose from six different themes or use your favorite color as the background for your collage. Once finished, you can print or share it on your profile.

Step1. Getting started

To begin a collage using MySpace's own programming, log into your MySpace account and select "My Photos" from the "Profile" menu. Click "Make Photo Collage and More." Click "Change Theme" and select the theme that you want to use. Click "Use This Theme" to return to your collage. Click on the text at the top of the collage to add a title.

Step2. Creating the Collage

Drag photos from the bar into the collage space (up to 12). Alternately, you can click "Add 6 random" and "Shuffle collage" to have the program help you along. Move the photos around using your mouse until you are satisfied with their placement and click on the palette symbol to set the background color.

Step3. Share the Collage

Click the "Get my Collage" button. You will be prompted to save a PDF version of your collage; the digital version will be saved in your "My Projects" photo album. Click "Copy Code," then click "Get HTML Code." Copy this code and paste it into your "About Me" section to display the collage on your profile. You can also display the code as a comment on a friend's page by pasting it into her comment box.

Which way works for you?

As you see, there are 2 different methods to make a photo collage for MySpace. One is using a 3rd party software, the other is using MySpace's own programming. Both of them can work. However, if you want to get more backgrounds for your collage, and doctorate your photo collage with various Frames, Masks, Text and clipart, etc. Collages made with Photo Collage Maker software are more beautiful than with MySpace's own programming.

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