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iMovie Alternative for Windows, iMovie for PC

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2 Alternatives of iMovie for Windows


imovie alternative for windowsMac users must be familiar with iMovie. As a strong home movie maker and a very popular editing application for video hobbyists of all types, millions of people use iMovie every day to make incredible home movies with your photos and videos. With the built-in themes of iMovie, we can easily make funny and interesting movies and then share them on YouTube, Facebook, iPod, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV, etc.

Unfortunately, iMovie runs only for Macs. Is there anything similar to iMovie, but for Windows platform? Is there program replacement of iMovie for Windows? What is the PC equivalent of iMovie? There are, however, some great Windows programs that can offer just as many features, and are equally intuitive.

This article explores the best alternatives to iMovie for PC users. We talk about 2 of them you might consider below.

iMovie for Windows - Windows (Live) Movie Maker

imovie for windowsMaybe the most obvious replacement software of iMovie for Windows would be Windows Movie Maker or Windows Live Movie Maker, both of which are developed by Microsoft, and may be already in your Windows system.

Windows Movie Maker can be free downloaded. It doesn't offer users too many advanced features, but this makes it a very approachable piece of software that can be used by video enthusiasts of all skill levels. With this alternative software of iMovie for PC, you can add transitions, text and effects, while also having the ability to edit both audio and video files. You are allowed to publish your videos straight to Facebook or YouTube.

Windows Live Movie Maker is a part of the Windows Live Essentials Suite. With this replacement software of iMovie for PC, you can instantly change your photos and videos into high-quality movies.

Important: Windows Movie Maker is specially developed for Windows 2000, XP, and Vista, while Windows Live Movie Maker is for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

iMovie for PC - DVD Slideshow Maker

DVD Slideshow Builder is an ideal iMovie for Windows (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista). This replacement software of iMovie for PC provides so-called Styles, similar to iMovie's themes on Mac, for instantly bringing photos and videos to our daily life. Just within several mouse clicks, you can turn photos & videos to gorgeous home videos with background music for sharing on YouTube, Facebook and mobile devices or watching on TV.

imovie for pc screenshot

To make your own videos with this iMovie for Windows software, you need to do:

Step-1) Just drag and drop photos, videos and music you like to the Storyboard. You can also directly import videos from DVD / camcorder.

Step-2) Personalize your videos with titles, credits, voiceover and theme effects. Retouch photos with built-in photo editing tools, such as trim, rotate, crop, flip, red-eye removal, etc.

Step-3) Output it. Go to the Create tab, and select one output format to create the slideshow. You can output slideshow to multiple formats and share your work everywhere.

Free Download this iMovie for Windows
Buy the full version of iMovie for PC (Price: $ 59.95)

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