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Upgrade your iOS Device to iOS 6


In the Apple WWDC conference, Apple released the new Macbook Pro, which is a breakthrough of laptop between performance and thickness. We can say, this time, Apple changed the world again in the laptop industry. Apart from Apple laptop and Mountain Lion, iOS 6 is also a highlight on this WWDC. Here, we will introduce you the new iOS 6 specs, as well as the knowledge of iOS 6 upgrade.


Firstly, let's take a look at the main new features of iOS 6:

1. The new map: Siri-support, Navigation when the screen is locked.

2. Improved Siri: Siri is built within more database, such as sports scores and stats, where to eat, what movies to see, etc. Another feature of Siri is Eyes Free. Siri can support Chinese. And the new iPad can also support Siri now.

3. Facebook is integrated throughout iOS.

4. Support more apps in China, such as Baidu, Youku, Tudou, improved input.

5. Phone: If you can't replay a phone quickly, you can choose "Reply with message" or "Remind me later".

6. Safari can support offline-reading, iCloud, photo sharing, etc.

7. Do not disturb: Turn on the feature to suppress all incoming calls and notifications. Enable it manually or schedule a recurring time.

Which devices can be upgraded to iOS 6?

The new iOS 6 system can be compatible with these devices: iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, the new iPad(iPad 3), iPod touch 4. Meanwhile, devices which can't support iOS 6 include: iPod touch 3, the first generation of iPad.

2 Things you should know before upgrading iOS 6;

1. Can I upgrade iOS 6 now? --- Since iOS 6 is at the testing stage, we common users can't download the latest iOS 6. It is only available for developers to develop software or submit some bugs to Apple.

2. Is iOS 6 stable? Can I enjoy those new features mentioned in WWDC? --- iOS 6 beta is in the initial stage of testing, so the beta version needs some changes or improvements to achieve the official version. Therefore, Apple can't make sure all functions can be used normally in the beta version.

Preparations before upgrading iOS 6:

ios 6 upgrade

1. Firstly, you should backup your iPhone before upgrade. Link your device to computer with USB cable, launch iTunes, when iTunes recognize your device, right click on your phone and start to backup your iPhone data.

Tip: To backup iPhone to computer easily, iPhone to PC Transfer can help you. For Mac, iPhone to Mac Transfer is a great assistant.

2. Backup your iOS device's SHSH in case that you need to downgrade in the future. If you have many problems after upgrading iOS 6, you can use SHSH backup to downgrade your device.

3. Download the firmware:
Official iOS 6 download address: (Developer account required)
The 3rd party iOS 6 download address: (Developer account not required)

How to upgrade iOS 6 Beta before the official version is released?

To upgrade your device to iOS 6, you need to add the device to developer's: Firstly, you need to provide your UUID to developers. Link iPhone to computer, launch iTunes, find the serial number and UUID code. Secondly, start to upgrade the firmware. Hold Shift and click Restore. Find the downloaded firmware for upgrade.

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