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Combining iPhoto Libraries, Delete iPhoto Duplicates

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Merge iPhoto Libraries


combine iphoto librariesiPhoto is one of the most popular Apple applications on Mac system. Of course, iPhoto has its own defects. If you love photo and photography, you definitely keep a huge number of photos. The more pictures presented in iPhoto library, the more its size increase, and this will impact on the performance of iPhoto application. So, there is one common question which is asked by thousands of iPhoto users: How to merge iPhoto libraries and delete iPhoto duplicates?

Tips: Combining iPhoto Libraries

The following instructions show you how to merge libraries in iPhoto:

STEP1: Launch iPhoto, click "Events" within the pane on the left side of the iPhoto window. You will see all of your photo libraries or events.

STEP2: Click a photo library that you want to merge with another. Drag and drop this library into the destination library. A dialog box will appear to ask you for confirming the merge.

STEP3: Click "Merge". Then the photos from the original library are now a part of the destination library.

Tips: Remove Duplicate Photos in iPhoto Library

After merging events and libraries, you may find that there are duplicate copies of photos. To delete iPhoto duplicate pictures, you can follow the instructions:

Way1: In iPhoto, select the album that has the duplicate photos in it. Click the duplicate photo which you want to remove from your album. Then click the "Delete" button on your keyboard or directly drag and drop the photo into the Trash.

Way2: iPhoto Duplicate Annihilator is a small but useful application which can scan pictures in iPhoto library and tag all the duplicate copies that it find by putting the Duplicate in the comments. After scanning, you need to go to iPhoto and search for duplicate in the comment. Items which appear with the duplicate tag can be deleted.

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