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MOBI to PRC Conversion

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Convert MOBI to PRC


.prc is essentially the same as .mobi. .prc was the file extension originally used, later changed to .mobi to reflect the Mobipocket name. There may be slight differences in supported formatting, but for your purposes, they are the same.

A "PRC" file is just a "container" format, a little like a "ZIP" file. A PRC file can contain data in any format whatsoever. Yes, a PRC file may well be a Mobipocket book (in which case the Kindle can read it), but it could also be a thousand other things too, which the Kindle can't read. So to sum up, any DRM-free Mobipocket book can be a PRC file, and the Kindle will read it, but not all PRC files are Mobipocket books.

How to convert MOBI to PRC?

Right click the file and rename it. An example would be. gets renamed to Book.prc.

In this tutorial, I will show you an online MOBI to PRC converter to help you convert MOBI to PRC for free.

Convert MOBI to PRC Online

Have you ever wanted to convert files without the need to download software? The online tool can help you: Zamzar, which is a famous online conversion service provider, can help you to convert MOBI to PRC within several steps.The name Zamzar is a play on Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis.

The thing I actually like best about Zamzar is how dead simple they are. The main home page has the entire User Interface all in one place, in four easy steps:

1. Browse to your MOBI file
2. Choose what format to convert to: PRC
3. Enter your email address for receiving the converted file
4. Click to upload your file and convert MOBI to PRC

After conversion, you can go to your email box to download the converted file.

convert mobi to prc

One cool feature is that the service is free. They use an ad model to cover costs and make money. An upgrade option could also allow users to get rid of the ads. Zamzar is very easy to use. Conversion is free for any file up to 100MB in size.

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