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Data Rescue

In many occasions, we may lose important data from various hard disks due to different reasons like delete files accidentaly, virus attack, etc. It is no doubt that you may feel panic when the files has been lost, and want to get them back, right? In this Data Rescue Tips center, you can find all kinds of tips on how to keep your data safe and how to recover them when disaster strikes. Also, you can get data protection tips here to keep your vital data safe.

Feature Articles

  • Recover Files from Recycle Bin

    Accidentally emptied recycle bin? Recycle Bin Data Recovery will help you easily recover accidently deleted data from Recycle Bin quickly.

  • Recover Photos from Digital Camera

    Lost precious photos from your digital camera? Don't worry, here is an easy solution to recover deleted pictures from camera completely.

All Articles

The photos or videos deleted from your Canon camera is permanently losing? You're totally wrong. Just read this article to learn how to find them back in details.

Every photos or videos is a precious memories. So you may feel panic when you lost them. In this article, we could like to show you the detailed way to find back missing pictures and videos from Kodak digital camera.

SDHC card is a high compacity memory card, so you must have stored lots of photos or files on it, right? This article is a guide, teaching you how to find back lost photos or files from SDHC card easily.

Want to know why sometimes the files deleted from LG can be recovered and sometimes not? Read this article to find an answer and learn the detailed steps to find back deleted photos from LG.

No one will deny that Nikon camera is a good choice for photographers, but here is also nobody can sure that they'll never delete picture by accident. So we write this article to show you how to find back your deleted Nikon photos.