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Recover Deleted Pictures from LG Cell Phones


LG is a famous electronic brand from South Korean, and so far it has crafted and launched many mobile phones. In recent years, it has released its all-new Android smart phones like LG Optimus series, LG Nexus series, etc. to compete with all kinds of smart phones like Apple's iPhone, Samsung Galaxy series, HTC One, etc. So if you own a LG cell phone and used to save photos or other files on your phone directly, then you may encounter the below situations.

Undoubtedly it will become a heart breaking situation for us when we discover that some of our most treasures pictures got accidentally deleted from our new LG mobile phones. Unlike words, photos can completely record the moment of everything you want to remember. So when you mistakenly delete a precious pictures, you may feel panic, right? In order to help you solve the headache problem, we write this article for your reference. First of all, you have to figure out whether is possible to restore lost photos from LG cell phones.

Possibility of recovering files from LG cell phones:

It is said that some people used a tool to restore LG deleted pictures, but it not works all the time. So you must be confused and want to know what kinds of deleted pictures can be recovered, right? Actually there isn't one. It just depends on where you delete or format the files and what you've done after the accident. For example, if the files is deleted or formatted from your phone's SD or CF card, then congratulations, there is a chance to find them back.

Note: All chances of recovering deleted files from LG phones is based on the data is not overwritten. That means you have to stop using the phone to get new data while you've found that you have deleted a wrong photo.

How to select a suitable recovery tool for LG phones?

Data rescue can't be done without any third-party program. So in order to ensure the recovered photo quality, choosing the proper software seems to be so important during the whole recovering process. Even though Android phones is widely popular on the market, but there still have a part of people is using the common phones. So first of all, you have to know what the operating system of your LG phones. If it is running on the Android based system and you want to recover from your device directly, you can try the professional Data Recovery for Android program. Otherwise, you can use the best LG Photo Recovery tool to retrieve all your deleted photos.

Actually, we all know that photos and other media files on the mobile phones is stored on its external memory card. So no matter what kinds of mobile system you're using, you can power off your device and take out the memory card, then insert into the computer built-in slot and use the LG Photo Recovery we mentioned before to do the recovery task.

Now, install and follow the below steps to start your own recovery journey.

Tips: For Mac user, you can go to here - LG Photo Recover for Mac.

LG Photo Recovery - Retrieve Deleted, Lost or Formatted Photos from LG Mobile Phones

Power off and take out your memory card from LG phones, then insert it to the card slot just like the above contents says. Now, run the recovering program and select the second way, hit "Start" button to find your memory card drive, then click "Start Scan" to begin the scan for lost files.

The scanning will cost from seconds to minutes, that is mainly on the basis of the memory card size. So just wait patiently. When the scanning is finished, you can preview all pictures on the main interface until finding the target files.

Mark all pictures you want to restore and click "Recover" button to save them on your computer. If you want to import these photos to your LG Android phones, you can use this Android File Manager to reach the goal.

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