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Recover Data from USB Hard Drive

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How to Recover USB Drive Data?


What can USB drive do?

Being one of the most convenient portable storage devices, USB drive allows you to download all types of files from one computer and load them into another or into your laptop computer. With a USB drive, you can transfer, store and share pictures, tunes and data with ease. Compared with other storage devices like floppy disk, USB drives carry various advantages for small size, lightweight, rewriteable and removable. Therefore, it becomes a necessary among business man and students.

Why data stored on USB drive may get lost?

Data loss often happens on USB drive. There are many reasons that cause data loss, such as:

1. Windows system asks you to format USB drive and you accidentally press "Format".
2. The USB drive is attacked by virus and files may get hidden or deleted.
3. Mistakenly or carelessly delete files from USB drive and can't find them in the recycle bin.
4. Not properly remove the USB drive from computer when the data was still transferring.

Is it possible to recover USB drive data? How to?

The answer is absolutely YES! So you don't need to panic if your data of USB drive is lost, damaged, corrupted, etc. By using the right tool, you can recover data from USB hard drive easily. Our USB Data Recovery Software can recover any type of data, such as reports, audio files, images and videos, etc. For Mac, try Mac USB Data Recovery Software.

Step-by-step guide to recover data from USB hard drive

Step0. Free download, install and run the data recovery software. Then connect your USB hard drive to computer with USB cable.

Step1. After launching the program, you are guided to the main interface.

Step2. Choose the file type which you want to recover, such as graphic, audio, video, document, email, etc.

Step3. Select the place where you want to recover your data. The software provides options including Recycle Bin, Desktop and My Documents, partitions, or the external removable devices. To recover USB drive data, you need to chose the external removable devices.

Step4. Now you can click on "Recover" to find your lost data.

Important: You are not suggested to save files to the location where you lost your files. Because if you don't recover the files you are looking for, they will be overwritten by your new file saving.

Tips for recovering USB drive data:

Recover in advance: In the process of the recovery, you can also check files at the same time. If your needed files have been scanned out, you can click "Pause" to recover them first. And then "Continue" or "Stop" your scan.

Filter: You can filter your lost files in the scanning result by search the filename or path.

Save the scanning result: When the scanning stops, you can save the current scanning results for recovery at a later time.

Sounds Great?

Recovering your data from a USB flash drive is a simple process with this powerful data recovery tool's help!

Free download to recover USB drive data
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