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Best Free Slideshow Makers


Now that almost everyone has a large storage of digital photos in our personal computers, or upload to every corner of the network. How to deal with them becomes a question concerned by all of us. Unwilling to keep them silent and be forgotten by everybody? It couldn't be better to do a unique slideshow to let them regenerate gorgeously, for anniversary, festival, holiday, and any reasons. And this is the exact reason why lots of free slideshow makers emerge in endlessly.

Slideshow Maker is just this kind of tool that allows you to weave your photos along with music into a work of art, in order to have a more fascinating way to view your pictures and also a better way to share them with others. Then do you know which the best slideshow makers are? Here we choose three of the best freeware slideshow builders for you.

Ultimate Slideshow Maker

No 1: DVD Slideshow Builder

DVD Slideshow Builder is the most powerful DVD photo slideshow creator which supports to combine photos, video and music into a DVD slideshow with 130+ 2D/3D transition effects. When the slideshow finished, you can burn it to DVD with one click, or share them on TV, YouTube, Facebook, iPod and everywhere. Built-in Hollywood styles in this software make you wonder if you are watching a wonderful film, but not a photo slideshow only. This great software supports free downloading and having a free trial. You have to pay a fee if you want to enjoy more. However, this unimaginable tool is definitely worth your money.

dvd slideshow builder

free download for windows Free download for Windows users

free download for mac Free download for Mac users

Completely Free Slideshow Creators

No 2 : Visual JavaScript Slideshow

Visual JavaScript Slideshow is a completely free software for you to easily make your fantastic slideshow with excellent transition effects. You need not even type a single line of code, just drag-and-drop your photos into the window of this program, customize the look and feel, click “Publish” and then your slideshow will open in the browser immediately for easy social network sharing. Perhaps the only weakness of this program is the inability to add background music. However, the great layout and integration outweigh this issue.

Visual JavaScript Slideshow

No 3 : Slideful Slideshow Maker Online

If you don't want too much trouble, this online Slideful Slideshow Maker is just prepared for you! No download or installation needed, Slideful can create your own slideshow for free. Slideful Slideshow Maker online freeware is used to make photo slideshows for webpages. Just upload your images (you do not even need to cut them to exact size) and click "Next", then your beautiful slideshow will appear in front of you. This online programe is based on Javascript, including a simple image editor, having round corners and allowing customization.

online slideful slideshow maker

Which Works for You?

The above are three of the best slideshow makers we carefully selected for you. The first one is undoubtedly the first choice. Its powerful function and HD visual effect make you unable to stop. The only weakness is that it is a paid software after a free trial. However, if you don't mind, this drawback will make no difference. The second slideshow creator is best for making a photo gallery since it is not available for adding background music. The third online one is most convenient, but the function is so limited that you can just add 20 images a time and also exclude the background sound.

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