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Is It Easy to Convert MOV to FLV on Mac/Windows?


Just get some funny MOV footages shot on your birthday party with camera? Just get some intriguing QuickTime MOV files? Just receive a comical short film in .mov format from friend? You must want to upload the nice video to YouTube, your blog or other video-sharing website to share with more people. Well, you may feel annoyed that your MOV video is refused by most video-sharing websites. Actually, many people will convert video to a delivery file format before uploading. Here FLV is highly recommended because it is more acceptable by video-sharing websites.

Here, another problem comes up - how to convert MOV to FLV on Mac / Windows? Is it very easy to go though the process? The answer is yes. This page will tell you how to change video files from MOV format to Flash Video.

Tutorial: How to Change MOV to FLV on Mac / Windows?

This tutorial will be divided into two parts: the first one is ready for Mac user and the latter is for Windows user. Please go to proper part according to your platform.

For Mac User

To turn MOV into FLV on Mac, we need a professional MOV to FLV converter for Mac. The software which is easy to use while keeping the superior sound and image quality will gain more appreciation. Here well use Video Converter Ultimate for Mac as the assistant. This software is able to convert various video files to the a specific video files with ease.

download for mac

Step 1. Install and launch this excellent application. This software offers you two ways to load MOV files: 1) Press "File > Add Video Files" to find your MOV files; 2) Drag your favorite MOV files to the interface of the software.

Step 2. Go to "Output Name option" to choose FLV format as the output video format. If you are not satisfied with this video, you may adjust the video Resolution, Frame Rate, Bit Rate and Code etc. from "Option".

Step 3. The last step is to click "Convert" button to let the software do rest thing for you. This software will finish MOV to FLV conversion on Mac very quickly.

run converter to import files from quicktime file format to flash video on mac

For Windows User

To finish the conversion from MOV to Flash Video on Windows, we need a converter which bears the function of converting MOV files to MOV format. When we choose such a converter, we need to pay attention to its ability to preserving high quality output in image and sound. Here Video Converter Ultimate is highly recommended. This software ranks as the top-selling software to convert video files between different format freely.

download for windows

Step 1. Run this software after you have finished the installation. Please select the "Covert" mode which is ready for us to convert video & audio files.

Step 2. Add MOV files to the software by dragging target files to the interface of the software. Then choose .flv as the output format in "Output" format. This software allows you to trim, crop, add watermarks, giving special effects, etc. to the videos.

Step 3. Click "Convert" button to start the whole process.

run software to start process

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