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Simplest Way to Download FLV Videos on Mac/Windows?


FLV, refers to Flash Video File, is widely used in websites to deliver media file. Many video-sharing websites adopt this video format as the compatible format. Thus, there are many possibilities that we need to download online FLV videos. Many people have found that many video-sharing websites have their own download service or built-in plug-in for getting online videos respectively. We have to search proper plug-in or download service to download our favorite online FLV videos. Is there a way simplify the process? Of course there is. This page tells you two different ways to download FLV videos on Mac/Windows.

Two Ways to Save FLV Videos on Mac/Windows

This tutorial will be divided into two parts: the first one is to ready for Mac user and the later one is to tell Windows user to download Flash Videos. Please go to proper part according to your needs.

Part 1. Download FLV Videos on Mac

Part 2. How to Save Flash Videos on Windows

Part 1. For Mac User

Method 1. Here we will use the professional FLV video downloader for Mac - Video Downloader for Mac. This application supports downloading FLV videos from more than 200 video-sharing websites. If you want to play download FLV videos on portable device, it this can help you convert FLV to a more popular format.

Step 1. You may free download and install this software to your Mac computer. Run it.

download for mac

Step 2. Open your target FLV files on Safari, Chrome or Firefox brows. When you see a "Download" icon on the video, just click it to download FLV video Mac.

run flv downloader for mac

Method 2. Video Converter Ultimate for Mac is able to download online Flash Videos on Mac as well. You may use it to get online FLV videos from over 100 sites. Besides a FLV video downloader for Mac, this application can serve as a video converter, DVD burner and video player.

Step 1. Free download and install this application on your Mac computer.

download for mac

Step 2. Run this application and choose "Download" icon. Use the built-in browser there to visit your wanted FLV videos. Simply click the “Download” icon on the top-right corner of each video to add them to the download list.

run converter to import flv files on mac

For Windows User

Method 1. Video Downloader is what software we use here. This application support to grab online FLV videos from 1000+ video sharing sites. It can convert downloaded FLV videos to a new format for your portable device.

Step 1. Just download and install this application to your computer.

download for windows

Step 2. Run it and click "Online Video" to open your favorite online FLV videos. When putting mouse on the video, a Download icon will come up. Directly click it to get online Flash video.

start downloading flv videos on windows

Method2. Video Converter Ultimate has the same ability to grab online FLV videos on Windows. Besides that, it can convert videos, burn DVDs and more for you.

Step 1. Free download and install this nice application to your computer.

download for windows

Step 2. When this application is launched, just turn to "Download" mode. Open your favorite FLV videos using Firefox, IE, or Chrome. Then click the "Download" icon button appearing on top of the videos to start download FLV files.

start to download files

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