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Easy Way to Download Hulu Videos on Mac/Windows


Hulu is one of most popular websites offering ad-supported on-demand streaming video of TV shows, movies, websites and other multimedia files. I'm sure that enjoying Hulu videos is a great way of entertaining for you. Most of time, we have to sit before computer to enjoy online Hulu videos. While many people choose to watch Hulu videos on portable device with no network connection. It is more flexible. We are not bound by time, place or network restrictions.

To make this process go on well, we need to get videos from Hulu and then import these media files to any device or player for enjoyment. If you are wondering how to get the job done, please refer to no more than this article. We will tell you how to download Hulu videos on Mac/Windows.

In this job, Video Downloader for Mac or Video Downloader is needed. This software bears the ability to download all your favorite movies from During high-speed downloading, it is capable of keeping superior quality of the video files. What's more, you may let this software convert Hulu videos to a more popular format, so you can enjoy downloaded Hulu videos on more devices or players.

download for mac download for windows

Tutorial on How to Download Videos or Music Video from Hulu on Mac/Windows?

This page will tell you how to download Hulu videos on Mac/Windows. You may download this software to follow us.

Part 1. How to Get Yahoo Video on Mac

Part 2. How to Download Files from Yahoo Video on Windows

For Mac User

Step 1. As soon as you run this software, it will be launched automatically. You will see the clean and user-oriented interface as follows.

run mac yahoo video downloader software

Step 2. Turn to with Safari , Chrome or Firefox. Open your favorite Hulu videos and you will find a Download icon on the top left corner of the video. There are three optional ways for you to download your favorite Hulu videos:

1) Click the Download button to download the video directly.
2) Drag the URL to the video downloader Mac dock icon to start downloading.
3) Copy the URL and click Paste URL button in the primary window to capture the video.

play and convert yahoo videos on mac

If you want to convert downloaded Hulu video to a new format, just click the "Convert" tab to define output format.

download for mac

Part 2. For Windows User

Step 1. Run this software and you will see an "Online Video" tab. Click it and you will see the built-in browser which allows you to open Hulu online videos directly.

run hulu video downloader software

Step 2. When you put the mouse on the Hulu video, a Download button will pop up. Click it to download the video directly. Or you may copy the URL and and click the Paste URL button to start downloading Hulu videos.

start download hulu videos

If you want to convert Hulu videos to a new format, you may choose a suitable format by clicking "Convert" button.

download for windows

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