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How to Download Yahoo Video on Mac/Windows?


When entering "how to download video files from Yahoo" in searching engine, you will find that many people have the same trouble. Also, your searching engine will offer thousands of results about this topic for you. You must feel fuzzy when facing with various solutions. Then how to choose a best way to download Yahoo video on Mac/Windows?

What is the definition of the best way? The expensive one? I'm afraid that it is not the fact. When we choose a best program, we have to make a trial that whether it is suitable for us. Yeah, here we say the best one must be the most suitable one.

If you haven't find the best solution to download fantastic movies from Yahoo, you may try Video Downloader for Mac or Video Downloader. This application is considered as the most versatile Yahoo video downloader for Mac/Windows. It simplify the process of downloading Yahoo videos into a few step. All videos will be downloaded at a peak speed while keeping superior image and sound qualilty. What's the most importance is it able to convert Yahoo video into other formats freely. So you can enjoy Yaho videos on any device or portable device freely. Besides Yahoo, this software supports downloading videos from almost all popular video-sharing websites.

download for windowsdownload for mac

Quick Guide on How to Download Video from Yahoo on Mac/Windows

This page will tell you detailed tutorial of how to use this excellent Yahoo video downloader to get Yahoo video files on Mac and Windows respectively. Please go to proper part according to your platform.

Part 1. How to Get Yahoo Video on Mac

Part 2. How to Download Files from Yahoo Video on Windows

Part 1. For Mac User

Step 1. As soon as you install this software, it will be automatically launched as follows.

run mac yahoo video downloader software

Step 2. Open your favorite Yahoo Videos in Safari , Chrome or Firefox. When the video is played, a Download icon will appear on the top left corner of the video. You may pree this "Download" icon to download your favorite Yahoo videos to your local disk directly. Or please copy the URL of the Yahoo video page, then turn to "Downloading" menu to select the "Paste URL". The video will be downloaded automatically.

play and convert yahoo videos on mac

Step 3. To play these downloaded Yahoo videos, you just need to find target yahoo video from library and play it. The built-in FLV palyers will display downloaded files for you.
If you need to convert Yahoo videos to other format, just select the video and press the "Convert" button in the Downloaded tab. Then the Yahoo video will be converted quickly.

start downloading yahoo videos files on mac

That's it! All your favorite Yahoo videos have been downloaded to your local disk right now. You may enjoy them on any device offline freely right now.

download for mac

Part 2. For Windows User

Step 1. Double click the quick-start icon to run this software on your Windows computer. You may click the "Online Video" tab to open its built-in browser. Here you may open your favorite Yahoo video directily.

run yahoo video downloader

Step 2. Now just move your mouse cursor over the video, at the upper right of the Yahoo video a Download button will pop up. Please hit it directly to start getting Yahoo videos to your local disk. Or Copy the URL of the Yahoo video and click the Paste URL button to start downloading your favorite Yahoo video.

starting downloading videos from yahoo

Step 3. To convert downloaded Yahoo video, just click "Downloaded" tab to choose the video. Click "Convert" button to choose a suitable output format as you like in popped-up screen.

OK, we have finished all process right now.

download for windows

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