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Can We Download Vimeo Videos on Mac/Windows?


download vimeo videos on mac windowsThe first word I want to say is yes. There is no doubt that we can get all our favorite Vimeo videos down and store on local disk of Mac OS X/Windows. Vimeo, like YouTube, is a well-known video-centric social network site. Often, we can always find some quite interesting or distinctive videos shared members there.

Many Vimeo fans like me would like to turn web pages to view playlist to check whether there are some fantastic videos. What if there are tons of amazing Vimeo videos but we have no time to sit down before computer to enjoy them one by one. There is nothing more miserable than that. Then I find a way to fix this problem - to download and save Vimeo videos on your local disk so you can enjoy Vimeo videos any where you go with portable device, even though there is no network connection.

In order to help more vimeo fans enjoy intriguing videos freely regardless of network, this page tells you how to download Vimeo videos on Mac/Windows in two different solutions. The first one is to use the download service of Vimeo which enables Vimeo members to free download five videos per day. The other way is to use professional Vimeo Video Downloader with which you can free download any Vimeo Videos without limits.

Tutorial on How to Get Vimeo Videos on Mac/Windows?

Method 1. Save Vimeo Videos on Mac/Windows with Vimeo Download Service

Step 1. Just log in your Vimeo account. If you have no account, you have to register on in advance.

Step 2. Open the Vimeo videos you want to download in browser. You will find the download link to download the Vimeo videos on Mac/Windows.

We have known that you are allowed to download only 5 videos per day. If you would like to get Vimeo videos without limitation, please go to method two.

Method 2. Download Videos from Vimeo on Mac/Windows with Professional Downloader

If you are not satisfied with the method 1, the professional Vimeo Videos downloader - Video Downloader for Mac or Video Downloader is highly recommended. This software is created especially for us to download various videos from Vimeo without limitations. With advanced technology, this software can download online videos in a very short time while keeping the superior video quality. You may use it to convert downloaded Vimeo videos to more popular videos for your iPod, iPad, Zune, Kindle, Pocket PC, etc. Besides Vimeo, this software is able to download online videos from 100+ sites, including YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Break, Vimeo. OK , let's see how it works for us. Since this software displays different on Mac and Windows. We will display you the detailed guide according to different platform.

Part 1. For Mac

Part 2. For Windows

download for windowsdownload for mac

Part 1. For Mac

Step 1. Install and run this software

Step 2. Open your favorite Vimeo videos with Safari , Chrome or Firefox browser. A "Download" icon will come up on the top left corner of the video. You may either the Download button or drag the URL to the video downloader Mac dock icon to start downloading Vimeo videos.

Step 3. If you want to convert download videos to a new format, just click "convert" to choose a suitable format and let the software convert them for you.

run mac vimeo video downloader software

For Windows User

Step 1. Run this software and you will see an "Online Video" tab. Click it and you can open Vimeo videos on this software directly.

Step 2. As soon as you put the mouse on the Vimeo video, a Download button will show up. Click it to download the video directly. Or you may copy the URL and and click the Paste URL button to start downloading Vimeo videos.

If you want to convert Vimeo videos to a new format, just click "Convert" button to choose a output format to start converting.

use vimeo videodownloader softgware to download movies from vimeo

OK, we have finished all process now.

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