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Free eBook Downloads for Pandigital


pandigital novel tabletPandigital is an Android tablet which has 7-inch screen size. It can be used as a great eReader. When you take the new tablet in hand, what's the first thing? Don't you want to read eBooks on it? If you are an eBook fan and like reading, why not download some free eBooks to it for reading anytime, anywhere? Here we list top 5 sites for you to get free Pandigital eBooks.

Tip: If your downloaded eBooks are not in PDF or ePub format, you can't read them on Pandigital tablet directly. This PDF Creator and ePub Maker can help you a lot.


I don't know whether you have heard of the site or not, Project Gutenberg is a well-know site for downloading free eBooks. You can find free ePub books, free Kindle books on this site. The downloaded eBooks have high quality. All eBooks of this site were previously published by bona fide publishers. With the assistance of volunteers, the site digitized and diligently proofread eBooks. No fee or registration is required for downloading eBooks.

To find what you want in the fastes speed, you can search book catalog, Browse Catalog, or book categories. In the index page of Project Gutenberg, you can see its Site Map helping you find things fast. Currently, there are eBooks in 4 different languages: English, Português, Deutsch, Français. If you think this site is useful, you can donate through the "Donate" button on the left column.

EBOOKEE is a site which contains eBooks downloads in different categories like Technical, Study, Novel, Nonfiction, Medical, Entertainment, Business, Magazine, etc. Entering the index page, you can see a clear eBook Categories & Tags helping you to choose your needed eBooks instantly. One thing you need to note is, the Search tool is placed on the footer of the page. This is not friendly for users who want to search for something.

Whatever, if you are searching for free eBooks, EBOOKEE can be a good choice. Before using the site, you have to join its members and login with your account. is a digital library that takes eBooks from Project Gutenberg, the Internet Archive, and other free sources and converts them to file formats suitable for ereaders, such as PDF or ePub. The site organizes eBooks by genre and Library of Congress Classification and offers descriptions for most fiction and reader reviews. In the main page, there are 2 books recommendations in this week.

To find your desired eBooks in the fast way, you can go to see the left list, and choose from Authors, Titles, Genres, Languages, New titles, Recommended, eReaders according to your needs. is a free eBooks links library, where you can find and download free books in almost any category. If you are an eBook fan, then this place is for you! You can get lots of links to free eBooks in more than 90 categories, including scientific, engineering, programming, fiction and so on.

No need to register, you can free download all books on the site. And if you want to add new books or add comments or send messages to other members, you have to become a member. is a site that can bring both authors and readers into the world of free eBooks. Authors with their free eBooks will benefit greatly from the large community of readers and the readers will in return, of course, will have lots of materials to read to their hearts' contents. The only defect of the site is that its main page looks a little messy.

Ready? Go ahead to get eBooks downloads for Pandigital immediately!

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