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Free eBooks for Nook


free ebooks for nookYou've just unboxed your new Nook and can't wait to take it to the park and enjoy hours of uninterrupted reading, but what are you going to read? Well you could dish out hundreds of dollars for the latest best sellers or you could do what a lot of other people do - go for the freebies.

So how to get free eBooks for Nook? Below are sources for your good-quality and free eBooks for Nook.

Free eBooks for Nook - Barnes & Noble

Finding free e-books for Nook e-book readers is actually really simple as long as you know where to look. The very first place to go is the source of the Nook: Barnes & Noble. has hundreds of free titles for your enjoyment and is adding more all the time.

Free Nook eBooks - Munseys

Munseys offers users with 20,000 titles in 12 formats compatible with Kindles, Nooks and Sony Readers. You could start searching for your favorite titles with the author name, title, tags and category. Munseys site offer as much as 39 categories for you to browse through.

Free eBooks for Nook - Palimpsest Online

Most of the titles listed here are European and American novel. While the site does come with high-quality pdf titles by over 70 authors. Other type of eBook included in the website are the King James Bible, plays, poetry, fables, epic sagas, philosophy and histories.

Free Nook eBooks -

Another source for free eBooks for Nook readers is This takes slightly more effort: once you've logged into the website, you need to choose a genre. After you have chosen a genre and entered a search term on the results page there will be a menu at the top that allows you to choose the price you are looking for. Choose "Free," any of the books in public domain and some selected other works are free.

Free eBook Downloads for Nook - Feedbooks

Feedbooks provides high-quality titles in a variety of formats including ePub, PDF and MobiPocket/Kindle. Feedbooks provides public domain classic fiction and nonfiction titles with over 30 categories and 600 authors. All their high quality titles come with ePub, PDF, MobiPocket/Kindle format.

Free Nook eBooks -

This website is a place for amateur writers to post their works for a large audience. There are more than 300 books available from hundreds of authors. This is the place to go for something unique that you haven’t been able to find on any of the other free e-book sites.

Free eBooks for Nook - PDFBooks

Offers classics and unpublished fiction and nonfiction in pdf format.

Free eBook Downloads for Nook -

The Just Free Books site has hundreds of titles to choose from and allows you to sort by genre and by e-book reader so you can search for just what you want on your Nook. It looks a bit unorganized on the surface but once you start using the genre selection list on the right hand side of the screen finding something you are interested in should be easy.

Want to get more free eBooks for Nook? Click here.

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