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DVD to iPanel Converter, Rip DVD to iPanel

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How Can I Convert DVD to iPanel?

Many movie fans not only like to watch movies, but also collect classic movies. If you have many DVD movies collections, you may want to watch DVDs on iPanel - the new TV released by Apple company. iPanel is not only a TV, but also a display device, a game center, a media center, as well as a computer. Very powerful, isn't it?

However, the new iPanel has no DVD player, like the previous Apple TV, which makes it become difficult to watch DVDs on iPanel. Fortunately, we can still be able to watch videos on iPanel, therefore, why not convert DVD to iPanel compatible video format?

If you decide to rip DVD to iPanel, then a DVD to iPanel converter is required. DVD Ripper is an excellent DVD to iPanel converter software for ripping DVDs. No matter whether you have experiences of DVD ripping or not, you can use the tool with convenient operations and simple steps. This DVD to iPanel Converter is easier than other tools in the market, and pays more attention to users' needs and actual requirements.

Why choose this DVD to iPanel Converter?

1. Professional and Powerful functions

The DVD Ripper supports adding files from DVD discs or adding from DVD directories of local disk. Furthermore, this DVD ripper also supplies DVD video editing, trimming, cropping, adding watermark, and other editing functions. It compiles DVD video conversion and editing function into one. All of the process of converting DVD to video is efficient and fluent.

2. Various output formats

Maybe today we want to convert DVD to AVI, however, a few days later, we want to convert DVD to MP4, then we need DVD to MP4 converter again. Or some days later, we think the theme songs of a DVD movie is euphonious, and want to enjoy it with MP3 player. Therefore, without a powerful DVD converter, it really can not meet our various needs. This DVD Ripper can not only support converting DVD to any common video format, as well as converting videos among all most all popular video formats.

It's worth mentioning that, as our mobile devices are getting more and more various, such as iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, PSP, PS3, MP4 Player, Android devices, etc. the needs of enjoying multimedia files on these devices are getting more and more. And this DVD Ripper is preset with settings for these devices.

3. Extremely simple to use

Friends who haven't used DVD ripping software or video conversion software don't need to worry about how to use this powerful software. In general, there are 3 simple steps: Firstly, you need to add DVD movies to the software, then, you need to choose the output format, edit the DVD videos if needed, finally, hit Convert button to wait until the conversion process is finished.

This DVD to iPanel Converter has clean and friendly interface. And once the program is launched, in the welcome screen, you can see simple steps instructions to help you. So converting DVD to iPanel is not difficult at all.

dvd to ipanel converter

Simple Steps of How to Rip DVD to iPanel

STEP-0: Download the software through the following button. Install the downloaded software. Then launch.

Free Download DVD Ripper for Windows
Free Download DVD Ripper for Mac OS X

STEP-1: In the main interface, click "Load DVD" to import your DVD movies.

STEP-2: Choose output format by clicking the drop-down arrow of Profile. The button of Settings allows you to make detailed settings for video and audio. If you don't need, you can keep the default settings.

STEP-3: Go back to the main interface, click Start button to convert DVD to iPanel. Wait for a little while, then you can get the converted videos.

STEP-4: Attach your iPanel to computer. Wait for a minute or two while iTunes recognizes the device. If you selected the Add to iTunes option before starting conversion, the iPanel library would be updated automatically, otherwise you need to copy converted video to the device.

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