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Download eBooks for iPhone Reading at Spare Time

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Download Free eBooks for iPhone


Not only the 9.7-inch iPad can be your good assistant to read eBooks on the way of your travel, the 3.5-inch iPhone can also be a good choice for you to read books at anywhere you like. Once you have an iPhone in hand, then you have no need to bring another specialised e-reader with you for spare time reading, you can directly make your carry-on iPhone as an ebook reader at anytime you like.

As long as you have got an ebook reader app installed on your iPhone, you are free to enjoy reading with leisure. Some of the reading apps, like the iBooks, Stanza, Kindle for iPhone and several other similar apps may empower you with the ability both to download and read ebooks on iPhone freely. However, not all books are free downloadable via the iPhone reading app. So once you can't find the free version of your wanted books in your iPhone book reading app, you can rightly try to download some from the free ebook available sites, such as,,, etc.

The text below mainly tells you how to download free eBooks for iPhone reading from these free ebook providing sites. If you are vexed about how to find, download and read eBooks on iPhone, then you may go through the following article to check a helpful and comprehensive solution now!

How to Download Free eBooks for iPhone?

Since most iPhone users may download and install iBooks on iPhone, here we mainly focus on the solutions of how to find free ebooks for iPhone via iBooks and the detail operations of getting free ebooks from an online site. Sincerely hoping these solutions can help you.

Part 1: How to Download Free eBooks for iPhone via iBooks?

Step 1. Open iBooks on your iPhone and then followed by tapping on the "Store" option on the upper right corner. Then, the bookshelf would be replaced by the iBooks bookstore.

ibooks to read ebooks on iphone

Step 2. You can rightly browse the book lists to find the charged ones you interested in. If you only want to find some free books, then you can directly go to tap the "Charts" tab at the lower portion to check the Top Free Books.

find free books for iphone from ibooks charts

download and add ebooks to iphone

Step 3. If you have decided to download a book, you can then directly tap the gray rectangle beside the book title to get it downloaded. And later when you switch back to the iBooks first interface, the book will be listed there after downloading.

After that, you can directly tap on the book to start reading it on your iPhone.

Part 2: How to Find and Download Free eBooks from Website for iPhone?

Since the operations of getting free ebooks from online sites are similar to each other, here we just take as an example to show you the details.

Note: You are highly recommended to work the following operations on a computer rather than an iPhone.

Step 1: Go to the homepage of the website where you can download free ebooks from.

Step 2: You can directly search your wanted free books according to the title from the search bar offered by the site. Or you can accord to the provided possible categories to find the free ebooks you are interested in. For example, at, you can browse the free resources by clicking "Free Public Domain Books" or "Free Original Books".

download ebooks for iphone on computer from online site

Step 3: Once you find your target books, you can then click on the book image or title to download it in the item page after selecting the right format.

Once finished downloading your target books on your computer, you can then add them into your iPhone by following the tutorial how to sync ebooks to iPhone and iPod. And after that, you may have a large amount of free ebooks to read on your iPhone at spare time.

Ok, that's all about how to download free ebooks for iPhone via iBooks app or from website. If you once intend to get lots of free books to read on your iPhone, then the latter introduced solution would be fit you more.

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