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iPhone 5 Wallpaper Apps for HD Retina Wallpapers

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Get Wallpapers for iPhone 5


The new iPhone 5 becomes much lighter, thinner and generally more aesthetically-pleasing than any previous iPhone models. So, it becomes a hot smartphone nowadays that most people prefer to own it in hand since its listing. If you once also got a shiny 4-inch retina screen featured iPhone 5 and really get sick of its default wallpaper, then why not find some cool HD wallpapers to jazz up your new iPhone 5 now?

Go through this article, you will know well about some iPhone 5 wallpaper apps and some websites where to get proper HD wallpapers for iPhone 5 to fit the 4-inch retina screen. Once you are looking for some clean-cut or lovely retina/HD backgrounds/wallpapers to enliven your iPhone 5, just go ahead to pick your preferred way referred below to replace the insipid wallpaper with your newly got ones now!

iPhone 5 Wallpaper Apps

1. All-in-1 HD Wallpapers for iPhone 5 (713 MB)

This app, which costs you $0.99, is optimized for iPhone 5. You can select your preferred wallpapers to decorate your iPhone 5 from hundreds of HD wallpapers. It enables several categories of wallpapers for your choice to jazz up your iPhone 5. So, no matter you want to find celebrities, landscapes, city views or any other types wallpapers for iPhone 5, this app can help you find proper ones easily at your fingertips.

2. 100 Backgrounds and Skins for iPhone 5 (26.5 MB)

Just as the app name has expressed, this app mainly provides users with 100 HD wallpapers, backgrounds and skins to fit the iPhone 5. The images are designed exclusively for users to make your iPhone 5 stand out. To help users constantly decorate the 4-inch iPhone with the most fantastic wallpapers/backgrounds, this app updates its image library with new and exciting backgrounds regularly. It will cost you $0.99.

3. Cool Wallpapers for iPhone 5 Pro (0.5 MB)

This app also requires you $0.99. Besides providing you hundreds of wallpapers for iPhone 5, this app also enables you to get fitable wallpapers for other iOS devices. There are more than 20 categories of wallpapers you can choose to jazz up your brand new iPhone 5. It enables you to save/email wallpapers to your friends with leisure.

Where to Get Wallpapers for iPhone 5 4-inch Retina Screen Online?


On this site, you can find a bunch of 640x1136 sized wallpapers for you to fit your iPhone 5. Here, you can select wallpapers by choosing proper categories, purity, color and even sorts according to your preference. You just need to find and download your preferred ones for your iPhone 5. Besides the HD wallpapers to jazz up the iPhone 5, you can also find corresponding wallpapers to be compatible with other iOS devices.


This site provides you with a bunch of outstanding images which are good choices to be used as iPhone 5 wallpapers. It categorized the images into kinds of types. From each category, you can find many beautiful wallpapers for your iPhone 5.


Similar to the two sites mentioned above, there are also many HD wallpapers offered on this website. You can also choose your wanted wallpapers for iPhone 5 according to exact categories.

Well, that's all. No matter you prefer to use an iPhone 5 wallpaper app to jazz up your device or get HD wallpapers for iPhone 5 from the website, hope you can find some great wallpapers.

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