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How to Merge Photos Online?


People like to take photos to back up their memories, and it is no doubt that this is also an ideal way to cherish one's time. Maybe you're shocked by other's personalized photos when you're surfing on the Internet and want to make your own customized pictures. right? However, not everyone is a professional photo editor in the daily life, that is why most people are looking for some effective ways on how to merge or combine photos online free. Even though there are lots of desktop application like Photoshop enables users to edit or combine pictures as they like, but for many common users, the price of this program seems to be a little bit higher. So in this article, we could like to show you the top 3 online photo merger program for your reference. You can compare them and decide which one is better according to your own needs.


Maybe you've heard this site before, but that isn't a matter. Photobucket is dedicated to provide users with a place to store, create and share photos and videos for life. The ultimate goal of this site is likely to help users enjoy their digital life in a new way. After signing an account, you can edit and personalize all your pictures online as you like. Here is how to combine pictures with Photobucket in details for your reference.

best photo editor online

- Register an account by simply clicking on the "Sign Up" option from the upper right corner of the window, then sign in.
- Upload the photos you want to edit by pressing "Upload > Select photos and videos" in the middle of the page.
- After uploading all images, you can edit descriptions and add in titles from the next page, then click "Save".
- Click "Edit Photos" button, then you will see all pictures accordingly. You can select any picture and enter into the picture editor immediately. In this option, you can add more files through the "Add more photos" option.
- Now you can resize and arrange the photo files as you like. And you can enhance your pictures by using more tools which provided by the website.


LanaPic is a free online photo editor, which can help you merge pictures online as easy as 1-2-3. However, this tool has limited blending capabilities and is mostly suitable for adding watermarks or laying an image on top of another. Now, let's us to see the detailed steps:
- Once you enter this site, you will see a a screen just like below picture shows. So you can click "Browse" button to search and find the picture you want into it.
Note: Please note that the file you select first will become the base image as default.

online photo merger

- Press "Upload Now" and wait for seconds, your photo will show up below the editing options. Here you can click "Effects" to add some new effects, such as blend two images, gradient blend and so on.
- If you have chosen "Blend two Images", then you'll go to a new screen and it will ask you to upload a second image to overlay on top of the first one.
- After that, you can press "Apply Pasted Image" to make the changes permanent.


If you have ever used this tool, you may found that the interface of Pixlr is similar with Adobe Photoshop. Therefore, this tool has become one of the most commonly used tools in the professional PC software. The operation of this tool is also similar with Photoshop. Each image will pop up in a new window and there have lots of options and additional tools for your reference. With it, you can deal with almost all photo problems online without any restrictions.

combine pictures online


So do you have a clear mind about how to merge photos online? Just as you can see, all these online photo merger tools have lots of functions. With them, you can solve all your photo merging, editing and other problems easily and quickly. If you feel hard to make a decision, you can try them one by one and then make your final decision on the basis of your own experience.