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Convert DVD/Video to Google Nexus on Windows/Mac


convert video to google nexusSince Google released the nexus product, this mobile device has grabbed people's attention due to elegant appearance and splendid performance. Depending on tens of thousands Google apps, Nexus has become more and more popular. Also, Google launched a series of mobile device to rise the Nexus product line such as Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, etc.

Google Nexus enlarges our way of entertainment greatly. We can read books, navigate the world with Google Maps, contact with friends with world-class tools, watch movies and more. In order to help you have a good time with your Google Nexus, this page will tell you how to convert DVD/video to Google Nexus on Windows/Mac computer.

I'm sure you must have failed to enjoy movies on Nexus tablet PC, due to compatibility issue. Actually, when we play movies on portable device, we have to make sure that the movie is in the compatible format for the device. Or we have to convert the movie in advance. Video Converter Ultimate / Video Converter Ultimate for Mac is a great helper for us. It is good at converting almost all videos and DVD files to another format. It can keep superior image and sound quality of original movie. If you are not satified with the media file, editing movies is allowed.

OK, let's see how it works for us.

download for windows download for mac

How to Copy Video/DVD to Google Nexus 1/4/7/10 on Windows/Mac?

Step 1. Run Converter

After you have installed this nice DVD/video to Google Nexus converter to your computer, launch it. Then you need to choose "Convert" mode for this converter. It is ready for people to convert DVD/video/audio files. The "Download" is used for downloading videos from online-sharing website and the "Burn" is for burning videos to DVD files.

Step 2. Load DVD/Video Files

For Windows, you need to click "Load DVD" or "Add Files" to add DVD or videos you need to convert to this software. All loaded files will be listed on the interface of this software. To edit movies, you may click "Edit" option to find proper editing tools. Then go to "Output Format", you may choose a suitable format for Google Nexus. Here you will find customized video formats and devices. It is very simple to choose.

load dvd video files to this converter

For Mac user, you may press the "File > Load Media files…/Load DVD files…" to load your target DVD file or video to this converter. All loaded files will listed in thumbnail on the interface of the software. Please choose a suitatle output format by pressing the double up-arrow button. Here you can see the pop-up output format list: Devices, Editing, HD & 3D, Web Sharing, Video and Audio.

run software to convert dvd video to google nexus on mac

Step 3. Conversion

Here we come to the last step. Just simply press the "Convert" icon to start convert DVD/video to Google Nexus on Windows/Mac right now.

After conversion, please import new videos to your Google Nexus for enjoyment. You will find the video quality is super. OK, please free download it to have a free trial.

download for windows download for mac

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