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Download Dailymotion Videos on Mac/Windows


start downloading dailymotion videos on mac windowsWatching videos on Dailymotion is many people's favorite pastime. I'm sure you are also a big fan of Dailymotion, which is similar with YouTube, offering a vast collection of video clips for people. But to watching Dailymotion streaming videos online may be a problem if your have a slow Internet connection. Well, why not to download Dailymotion clips first and then watch them like you have a full movie? Here comes another problem. Dailymotion makes it easy for us to upload, share and view videos online, except video download service. Then, is it possible to achieve this project?

In order to help people enjoy the pleasure of watching Dailymotion files freely, we will tell you how to download Dailymotion videos on Mac/Windows. Since offers no service for us to download videos, we have to ask help from one reliable 3rd-party tool. Video Downloader for Mac / Video Downloader is highly recommended here.

This program is considered as the most powerful Dailymotion video downloader for Mac/Windows that bears the ability to download online music videos or movies, short movies, TV shows, etc. from Dailymotion. During high speed downloading, this software can preserve all image and sound quality of original media files. Besides Dailymotion, this application works well to download online videos from 100+ video sharing sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Hulu, MTV, CBS, Yahoo, Metacafe, etc. What the most important is it can convert download videos to a more popular format for your video player and device. In a word, with this software, you can download Dailymotion files for watching offline, preservation permanently or playback on any device.

Guide to Download Videos from Dailymotion on Mac/Windows

Here comes the detailed tutorial on how to save Dailymotion videos on Mac OS X and Windows. Please go to proper guide according to your platform.

download for macdownload for windows

Part 1. For Mac User

Step 1. Download proper version of Dailymotion video grabber for Mac. Run it after you have finished the installation.

run dailymotion video downloader mac

Step 2. Go to with Safari, Chrome or Firefox. Open your favorite Daily videos. When the video is played, a "Download" icon will pop up on the top left corner of the video. Just press it to download Dailymotion videos Mac right now.

grab videos from dailymotion

Tips: If you want to convert Dailymotion videos to your iPad, Kindle Fire or other Portable device, you may let this software convert Dailymotion videos on Mac direction for you. Just go to "Downloaded" option to select the target downloaded Dailymotion video. Go to "Convert" option to choose a suitable output format then "OK" to let the software do rest things for you.

download for mac

Part 2. For Windows User

Step 1. Run this downloader as soon as you have installed this software. When you see the UI as follows, just click "Online Video" option to open its built-in browser.

launch software

Step 2. Go to to find your favorite videos. There will be a "Download" icon on the video when you put the mouse on the Dailymotion video. Just press the "Download" icon to start downloading Dailymotion videos directly.

Tips: To convert Dailymotion clips, just click "Convert" icon of each downloaded video to choose suitable output format as you like. Then let the software convert videos of Dailymotion for you.

download for windows

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