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Instructions on How to Create Your Own YouTube Video

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How to Make a Video and Upload to YouTube?


create your own youtube videoIt becomes more and more popular to take photos or videos to record memories in our daily life. Most of us like to make our own videos for uploading and sharing to the website such as YouTube. However, creating a YouTube video by ourselves is a little difficult, especially for beginners. So here I want to share some experience about how to make a video for YouTube sharing.

Firstly, make preparations

You need to prepare the photography devices such as video camera, digital camera, camera on the computer, or even mobile phone (with camera), etc. Then you can shoot a video with your photography device. During the shooting, you can also make an exposition or make comments if needed.

Secondly, import videos to computer

Link your device to computer with USB cable, and then import the video clips to computer.

Thirdly, edit your video

Of course, a video editor is needed. Here I recommend an easy-to-use video editing software: Video Editor. It allows you to trim or crop videos, add background music, add captions or subtitles, add filter effects, etc. To know the detailed guides, please click: How to Edit WMV Files.

Free Download Video Editor for Windows
Free Download Video Editor for Mac OS X

Fourthly, convert to YouTube format

To make a video for YouTube, you need to know what video formats YouTube recognizes. Well, YouTube can support videos in AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, DivX, MP4, Throra, MPEG-4, WMV, 3GP. What's more, the video size is limited to 15 minutes. So if your videos are not in the included formats, you have to convert them to YouTube supported video format with free video converter software.

Tip: YouTube also allows you to upload 3D videos. To get a 3D video, you can try to use Video Converter Ultimate, which can create a 3D video, such as make your own 3D Titanic.

Finally, upload your own made video to YouTube

Log into YouTube with your YouTube account, then upload the video to YouTube. Now people around the world can watch your own videos!

Done! Just within 4 simple steps, you can make a video for YouTube sharing, with the appropriate tools' help!

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