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How to Convert DVD Movies to iPad Air?


With the unbelievably thin and light, iPad Air comes to the market and catch all people's eyes in the day before yesterday. Almost all newspapers and websites have published related articles about the new released iPad Air. And some of them says that this device makes iPad become a one-hand hold device, so that you can tirelessly watch movies, read books or do other works on iPad Air for a long time. All in all, iPad Air is another excellent smart tablet PC on the market, right?

So after learning so many news about the new iPad Air, let's us turn to our business. Let's suppose that you're a DVD collector or you got an excellent DVD disc from your friend, and now you want to watch DVD movies on iPad Air, then what will you do? We all know that as a tablet PC, iPad Air can't play DVD disc directly just like your computer does, so you're required to convert DVD movies to iPad Air supported video formats firstly.

What Video Formats are Compatible with iPad Air?

It is undeniable that there are so many video formats existing on the Internet. And these formats are supported by different devices, websites, etc. So in order to successfully view your favorite movies on iPad Air, it is necessary for all iPad Air users to figure out what formats is supported by your device.

Supported video formats: H.264, .m4v, .mp4, and .mov, MPEG-4.

Once you've known what format is supported by Apple iPad Air, you can find a video converter program to convert DVD movies to iPad Air compatible formats quickly. A good and reliable conversion program is directly related to the quality of the output video. So please pay more attention on this point. If there is no idea on your mind, you can take this Video Converter Ultimate and Video Converter Ultimate for Mac into consideration. The recommended tool is a pretty good video converting software, which enables to convert both DVD and common video files to iPad Air supported videos directly. And the original movie effects will be preserved without zero loss.

Steps to Converting & Playing DVD Movies on iPad Air on Mac/Windows 7/8

Step 1. Install and Run the Program, Import DVD Files

As you can see, for different system users, this tool has its related version, just get the right one and install, run the program on your Windows and Mac computer respectively. Then under "Convert" area, you can found a "Load DVD" button, don't hesitate to click it. Then it will show you four different options to load your DVD files. You can select one of them to finish the importing process.

Tips: The operation of Windows and Mac version have the same steps. So here we will focus on the Windows version. For Mac user, you can follow the steps and handle it on your Mac by yourself.

Step 2. Output Settings

In the "Output Format" drop down list on the right panel of the interface, you can select a desired format or device to convert to. And you can click "..." button in the bottom of the panel to specify an output folder to save the exported video files.

Tips: This tool also enables you to adjust basic video properties such as resolution, frame rate and bit rate, etc. by clicking the “Setting” button below. (Optional)

Step 3. Begin to Convert

If you're satisfied with all your settings, just click "Convert" button to finish the converting process. This step may take you for a little while, you can minimize the window and do other works on your PC.

When the converting is finished, you can open your iTunes on PC, and directly drag and drop the converted DVD movies into the iTunes library. Then connect iPad Air to iTunes and sync your iTunes to load DVD movies on iPad Air.

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