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Back up Book/Video/Photo/Camera Roll/Playlist from iPad mini to Your Mac OS X

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Versatile iPad mini to Mac Transfer


copy ipad mini music/book/video/playlist/camera roll to macFind too many files on your iPad mini and no room for new document? When you add new movies to your iPad mini but to see "Insufficient memory" dialog box? Maybe you need to clear up your iPad mini memory. There are must be some important files such as great e-books, splendid movies, etc. that you don't want to delete. If so, what shall we do? We know that annoyed iTunes can do nothing for us in this situation. Actually, we need some professional iPad extractor to help us.

iPad mini to Mac Transfer is a great helper for you here. It is created especially to help us transfer files of iPad mini to Mac computer including book, video, music, photo, audio book, podcast, TV shows, ringtone, camera roll, and more. Unlike iCloud, this software can help you back up all media files of iPad mini no matter you get them from iTunes App Store or other websites. It can help you store all iPad mini files on your Mac local disk whose space is far bigger than iCloud's. With this nice software, you can store all your important data on Mac or share resource with other Apple fans with ease. So cool!

Tips: For Windows users, we highly recommend you to try iPad Mini File Transfer or iPad to PC Transfer.

Back up all Files of iPad mini to Mac OS X Effortlessly and Unlimitedly!

ipad mini books/photo/music/video to mac transfer* Quickly transfer books, videos, photos, playlists, podcasts, TV show, audio book, and more from iPad mini to Mac computer with ease.
* Export all files of iPad with a few minutes.
* Intelligently sort out the target files for you only you enter the name to it.
* Support iPad, iPad 2, the new iPad, iPad mini, iPad 4, all modes of iPhone and iPod touch.
* Concise interface make the software easy to understand.
* Standalone, safe, clean and green.
* Cost-effective and super speed

Note: This software is ready for people to copy iPad mini files to Mac computer. If you are a Windows user, iPad mini Transfer is ready for you.

Tutorial on How to Export iPad mini Book, Video, Playlist, Photo and More to Mac Computer

We have a general knowledge of this nice transfer. I'm sure you must want to know how it works for us. Is it very simple to use? OK, here comes a detailed guide for you. You may free download this nice software to follow us.

Step 1. Connect iPad mini with Computer

Once you have installed this software to your Mac computer, just use USB cable to link your iPad mini with Mac as well. Then the transfer will search your iDevice and load all iPad mini files quickly and intelligently.

Step 2. Mark Target Files

You can see all categories of media files on the left panel of the software. Just go to proper folder to find your favorite files. Or you may input the name of the file on the search box of the transfer to let the software search it for you simply. Or you may click "File > Export All ..." to export the whole of your iPad mini.

mark target files on ipad mini

Step 3. Export

Now you may click the button to let the software export all marked files for you.

OK, we have go through all process now. This software is so excellent that you need speed to much time to learn how to use it. WIth this nice transfer, you can also share your iPad mini files with other friends freely.

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