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How to Watch 3D Titanic Movie on iPad, iPad 2, the New iPad

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Watch 3D Titanic Movie on iPad, iPad 2, the New iPad


In 1997, inspired by the Titanic submarine wreck, James Cameron evolved a maritime legend into a very touching love story. In 2012, the 3D version of Titanic caused the attention of people again. It is a 3D world now. Nowadays, watching 3D movies becomes a fashion. And when it refers to the fashion, iPad is a hot topic without any doubt.

So we may think, is it possible to combine the 2 fashionable things? How can we watch 3D Titanic movie on iPad, iPad 2, or even the new iPad? Don't worry, in this post, I will present you with 3 methods.

Choice#1: Download 3D Titanic Movie to iPad

The most traditional way of watching 3D Titanic movie on iPad is to downloading 3D Titanic movie to iPad directly from a 3D movie download website. Before downloading 3D movies to iPad, you have to prepare a tool: 3D glasses. This method is quite easy, what you need do is to download 3D Titanic movie to iPad, then wear 3D glasses to watch the downloaded movie.

However, you have to consider several things before downloading 3D Titanic movie to iPad:

One thing you have to note is, whether the downloaded 3D Titanic movie can support your 3D glasses. What type is your 3D glasses, red/cyan or green/magenta? If your downloaded 3D movie can not be in accordance with the type of 3D glasses, your efforts will be in vain.

The other thing you have to pay attention to is, since iPad can only support 3D video in MP4 format, it is really difficult to find a 3D Titanic movie in MP4 format you want from 3D movie website.

Choice#2: Upgrade Downloaded 2D Titanic Movies to 3D Format for iPad

It is much easier to get Titanic movies in 2D format than in 3D format. There are some advanced techniques to upgrade 2D video to 3D format. The tool needed is a 2D Video to 3D Converter. What you need do is to import 2D Titanic movies to the software, then choose 3D MP4 format, finally start conversion. See the detailed guide: How to Convert 2D Movie to 3D.

With this method, there are no concerns of whether the 3D format can be supported with iPad or not, since the 3D video converter has an optimized 3D MP4 format which can be compatible with iPad. And also, the software has output of 3D video format for both red/cyan and green/magenta 3D glasses, so you can choose your needed 3D format according to your actual needs.

watch 3d titanic movie on ipad

So why not download the Titanic movie in 2D format firstly, then convert it, and finally watch 3D Titanic movie on iPad with 3D glasses?

free download for windows free download for mac

Choice#3: Convert 3D Titanic Movie DVD to 3D Video Format for iPad

In the market, there are stores who are selling 3D Titanic movie DVD. If you or your friends has bought one, you can try to convert DVD to iPad for watching 3D Titanic movie on iPad. The tool needed is Video Converter Ultimate, which can convert DVD to 3D video format like MP4, WMV, MKV, AVI, etc.

watch 3d titanic movie on ipad

BTW, if you have Titanic DVD movies of 2D format, this smart software can also upgrade and rip DVD to 3D format.

free download for windows free download for mac


Of course, there are still other methods to watch 3D Titanic movie on iPad. The listed above are the easiest, the most money-saving, or the most traditional ones. And in the 3 ways, I recommend you choosing Choice2 or Choice3, since Choice1 has many defects, just as the above says.

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