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How to Put Photos/Movies/Music to Laptop from iPhone

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Can I Transfer Photos/Videos/Music from My iPhone to Laptop?


"I have taken photos on my iPhone 4S, all stored in 'Camera roll'. I want to put my photos on my laptop from my iPhone so that I can free up some space of my iPhone. I'm sure its easy but I just cannot figure it out. Any instructions would be most appreciate."

As an excellent smart phone, iPhone have been hold by more and more people. iPhone is much more than a cell phone, for it can also be used as a music player, camera, game player, etc. If you want to transfer files from computer or laptop to iPhone, iTunes can help you. However, iTunes cannot be used to transfer iDevice files to computer/laptop because Apple want to protect the copyright of the files. So here emerges a nerve-racking problem - how to move files like photos, videos, etc., from iPhone to their computer? To solve this problem, here we list three methods for you, hope them help!

Method 1: Email Photos/Music/Video to Yourself

If you only want to transfer a handful of photos from your iPhone to your laptop, you can email them to yourself or upload them to Facebook, and then download them from your laptop. However, this method does not apply to those who have masses of photos. What a waste of time to Individually email photos to yourself! And it's not so simple, either. If you prefer faster/simpler way to sync, refer to the following methods.

Method 2: Use iPhone to Computer Transfer Software

transfer music, videos, photos, playlist and more from iphone to computerTo move iPhone photos to your laptop, you can try the iPhone computer transferring software - iPhone to Computer Transfer, which can export all the photos from your iPhone to your laptop. Plus you can save videos, TV shows, books, playlists, too. It does a good job in transferring. All you need to do it make a download on your laptop. Here you can download it:

With your iPhone connected to your laptop and selected "Camera Roll" on the left-hand side of the iPhone to Computer Transfer, there will show up all the photos you have taken on the right-hand side. Just select the photos you want to transfer to your laptop and click "Export" and the photos you selected will be automatically transferred to your laptop. (If you want to set the output folder, just go to "Advanced").

export music from iphone to computers

Tip: If you are using a Mac laptop, here you can get the Mac version of the program: iPhone to Mac Transfer.

Method 3: Use Dropbox

You can download Dropbox ( a free app from App Store) to both your computer/laptop and your iPhone. Dropbox is a service that allows you to backup all your photos, videos and docs. All files that you have saved in Dropbox can be access from your computer and iDevice. But the drawback is that it is not so stable. And this method is a bit troublesome comparing using iPhone to Computer Transfer.

Extension: How to Transfer photos/music/video from my laptop to my iphone?

If yo want to transfer photos, videos, ebooks, etc., from your laptop to your iPhone, you can just use iTunes. Connect your iPhone to your laptop, start iTunes and click the corresponding tab. After that, you can select a location to sync with your laptop.

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