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Solution of How to Fix Disabled iPod touch

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How to Unlock Disabled iPod touch?


Have you ever set a string of password for your iPod touch? If you once protect your iTouch with code, please remember never to forget it. You can write down the security code you've set on a pocketbook or keep it handy in any other ways you prefer just in case. You know, once you couldn't remember the passcode exactly, your iTouch might be paralysed after you tried several times of wrong codes.

ipod is disabledCan you imagine what a miserable thing it is once you were mentioned that your iPod touch is disabled and please try again after X minutes? (The X here may be a large number which you may not want to wait. For example, there was once a poor iPod touch user was warned can't try again in the next 22338550 minutes which about 42 years.) Once your iPod touch was warned to be disabled in X minuters, that means you can't use your device in this period.

Maybe there are utilities can help you to crack or remove the passcode of your iPod touch legally. Of course, you need to pay for using them. There is only one free but legal way for you to make use of your disabled iTouch without passcode. That is to restore your iPod touch. To make it simple, this article is rightly here to tell you how to unlock disabled iPod touch by restoring it. If you have interest in this issue, then just read on to check the details now!

Quick Start: Restore Disabled iPod touch to Use

Step 1: After starting up your iTouch, connect it to your computer and open iTunes.

Step 2: Keep the Power button (at the top border) and Home key (below the middle of the screen) pressed at the same time for seconds until your iTouch shuts down and the Apple logo appears.

Step 3: Once you see the logo, you should then continue pressing down Home key until the icon of an iTunes with a connection line appears. It is now at the universal restore state which you can even enter without the system firmware.

Step 4: At this time, the iTunes will search your iTunes. The next thing you need to do is just to click the "Restore" button from the iTunes interface.

After restored your iPod touch, you are free to use it again for free.One thing need to be mentioned is that the stuff once you saved on your iTouch will be removed completely. So, in order to re-fill your iTouch with your stored files quickly after restoration, you'd better first have a backup of the crucial stuff on a your computer before you operate the above steps. To export and save your wanted iPod touch files to a Windows/Mac computer in a quick way, you can rightly refer to the tutorials of how to copy iPod files to computer or how to transfer iPod to Mac.

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