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Recover Forgotten Hotmail Password in Windows 8/7/Vista/XP


Nowadays, more and more new contact methods instead of the place of a letter, such as send emails, make a call, send messages, etc. All these new technology enables people to contact anyone they want in seconds. Therefore, we sure that almost all people have an email account in the daily life and work, especially for young people. Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail are the mainstream email account on the market. People like to use them to contact with their friends, send study report to their professor, share materials with colleagues, etc. However, sometimes you may forget your Gmail, Yahoo mail or Hotmail password so that you can't access to your account, then what will you do?

The first thing you have to do is to check the password you've entered is corrected. If it's still helpless, then you can try to reset your password with the hint you've made before. In this article, we could like to show you how to recover Hotmail password in two different methods. You can compare them and decide which one is better.

Tips: If you want to recover lost Gmail or Yahoo mail password, please try Gmail Password Cracker and Yahoo Password Recovery software.

Method 1. Reset Hotmail Password with Hotmail Password Finder - Windows Optimizer

Windows Optimizer is a powerful software, which can work as the best Hotmail Password Recovery software. With it, you can find out almost all hidden passwords including forgotten hotmail password, Windows Live password, MSN password, Outlook password, Gmail password and more. And it works well with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and their family versions. Now, just get this powerful Hotmail Password Finder and follow the below steps to reset a forgotten password easily.

1. Install Program and Go to Recovery. Double click the desktop icon to finish the installation and then launch it directly. After that, you can click "Password & Key Finder" in the top menu and hit "Password Finder" image icon to find back your forgotten password for hotmail.

2. Choose Your Password Type. In this step, you're required to choose the password type in various options. For recovering Hotmail password, you can select the first option - Windows Live ID (MSN / MSN Mail / Hotmail / Windows Live Mail / Office Live, etc) Password.

3. Export Hotmail Password. Click "Next" and the program will automatically scan and display your forgotten Hotmail account and password. You can hit the "Export" image button to save them on your computer.

To avoid losing or forgetting again, we highly recommend you to write and backup Hotmail password in a safe place. And if you want to learn more about this powerful Hotmail Password Recovery, you can get it by clicking the below icon.

Method 2. Recover Lost Hotmail Password with Windows Live

Generally speaking, the Hotmail can help users to get back their lost password with Windows Live, but the premise is that you should have a secondary email account and remember the answer to your security question. Otherwise, you have to try the first method for resetting password for Hotmail.

Now, just follow the below steps to recover Hotmail password with Windows Live.

- Click on the link for "Can't access your account" under the password entering boxing.

- Check "I forgot my password" and click the "Reset your password" showing under it.

- Just enter your Windows Live ID and the characters you see in the picture and go to "Next"

- Select an option for resetting your password. There are two ways for you to reset password: Email me a reset link and Security Question. You can choose one of them according to your own needs.

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