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How to Unformat A Hard Drive Easily

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How to Unformat Hard Drive on Windows & Mac?


Mistakenly formatted a hard drive without a backup could be a big disaster for both Windows and Mac users. So many computer users will ask "Is there anyway to recover formatted hard drive?" The answer is absolutely "YES", but the process could be a little bit trouble. The key point is to find a reliable tool and don't import new data into the formatted hard drive, so that the lost data is overwritten. And you should remember that the faster you unformat the hard drive, the more chance you'll have to recover your lost data.

To be honest, if you are not sure, you'd better not easily try to do anything to the hard drive in the daily life. And when you found something is wrong, you need to find the best solution to find back formatted data on hard drive ASAP. Here, we could like to strongly recommend the best Data Recovery and Mac Data Recovery for all Windows and Mac users' reference. With them, you can unformat a hard drive on Windows and Mac without any problem.

Now, just get the right version and follow the below steps to start unformatting hard drive easily on Windows or Mac system as you like.

Steps on Recovering Formatted Hard Drive on Windows & Mac

In this article, we could like to pay more attention to the Windows version. If you want to know the detailed of how to unformat hard drive on Mac, you can go to here - How to unformat Mac Hard Drive.

Firstly, launch the program and then choose the recovery mode according to your own needs: Wizard Mode or Standard Mode. If this is the first time for you to use this tool, we highly recommend the first mode for your reference. Otherwise, you can take the latter mode into the consideration.

main interface of data recovery software

After entering the Wizard mode, you need to choose the lost file type and locate the lost file location on your disk. If the hard drive you want to unformat is an external disk, then choose "External removable devices" to unformat your external hard drive. When you have done this, you can click "Enable Deep Scan" and hit "Start" to begin to scan for files.

After scanning, all files on the hard drive will be divided into different folders. You can preview them in the left panel. Preview and find your target files, then click "Recover" to save them as your computer easily.

choose target files

One thing please be noted is that don't save the recovered files as the same hard drive on your computer.

Done! This is the whole settings to unformat hard drive, is it an ideal solution for you? If you think it is effective, then please feel free to get this powerful tool by clicking the below links.

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